Go West, Young Man....

I’m cooked…extra crispy. Fed up with my job, burned out on the “day to day” routine…so…

The girls and I are headed west…to the mountains of Colorado. Pikes Peak, Royal Gorge, Great Sand Dunes National Park and some hiking in the Rocky Mountains.

Pics to follow next week…

WOW…have a good one and dont hold back with the camera.

Have fun!

I know how you feel man… enjoy…

Im taking the kids up to see my mum in spain in may, she lives in the hills very peacefull…

cooked…extra crispy ay? one of the reasons i ride my bike to work every day come hell or high water is at least theres one hour of the working day im grinning ear to ear.

ooh let me know how it goes - i am doing the grand canyon in may - hopefully

Lucky girl!

Sounds a whay-cool place. Might the ‘little one’ struggle with the canyon walls tho?

wow… have a great time!

Sounds amazing, Greg! Make sure you get loads of pics so we can check out Colorado! I’m sure the break will do you good and give you plenty of energy to face your job again!

It’s 3:10 pm…I rode my bike to work today (it’s 88F here today!!)…and…I’m shutting everything down now to head home. A bit of yard work, a bit of packing…and then it’s off to Colorado before the crack of dawn.

Catch you guys next week.

Have a great time Greg, look forward to seeing the pics when you get back mate

Have fun Greg, be trigger happy


ok so she struggled get over the kerb the other night…

dont mean you have to make fun of her…

Got home late yesterday afternoon…we managed to put 1,583 miles on the rental car, drive up Pikes Peak, over the Royal Gorge suspension bridge, up and over the Continental Divide (twice) and back to Kansas…in a long week-end.

Colorado is amazing…absolutely gorgeous…I’ll definitely be back this summer for more hiking. (The trail we picked to hike Sunday was still snow packed…often waist deep.)

Here is a cell phone pic from the hike Sunday…I’ve not had time to sort through the “real” pictures yet.




Hurry up with the Piccy’s Gregman… I’m getting impatient!!! LOL…