Go see the play "Mogadishu"...

We saw it on Saturday and it is fantastic, a very powerfully-written piece with lots of humour thrown in. It’s about how false accusations can lead to devastating consequences.My girlfriend’s son’s in it so I might seem biased, but this is my honest view about this play: it’s brilliant. You will not not be disappointed.

It got five stars in the Daily Telegraph (when it was in Manchester, same play, same cast), and four stars in the Evening Standard from last night’s performance in Hammersmith.

It’s on until 2 April. All tickets are £10 until 11 March. After that date, they will range from £10 to £25.

Here’s a picture of Mally in one scene from the play, throttling someone :w00t: :hehe:

Link to Lyric Website

Had a very good review in the metro today.

Just thought I would give this a little “bump”, given that this is due to end on Saturday coming.

We will be there on the final performance on Saturday night so if you come along, please pm me so we can meet up before/after.

Nearest bike parking, I believe, is right opposite the entrance to Hammersmith Apollo. There are bars to chain your bikes up to.

There are lots of good reviews which can easily be found via Google, but our favourite is probably the Financial Times which described Mal as being “outstanding”.

Go Mally :cool:

That pictures racist

It is indeed a racist attack that’s being depicted - a teacher stops it, the attacker accuses her of being the racist, and it all spirals from there. Based on a real incident.