Go see Avatar, it rocks!

Went to the pre-premiere in Stuttgart last night and let me say it was certainly worth braving 40 clicks of -1 C weather on the bike for!

Initially there were some teething problems because “they sent us the wrong DRM key”, but once the film got started it was absolutely mind-blowing. :w00t:

The entire film is in 3-D and it all works rather well… just don’t stuff your face just before you go in to see the movie. Also make sure you pee before you go in because at over 2.5 hours, it stretches not only the imagination but also the capacity of the human bladder :smiley:

Here’s the trailer for good measure…


And a cool little featurette where Cameron talks about the project:


If you’re a sci-fi geek of any sort, you’ll love this film.

Looks awesome, i can’t wait to see it!


Thanks for the links!

To wheat your collective appetites, I found two really amazing featurettes about the film.

This one is about all the hardware and technology in it:


And this one is about the moon and its ecosystem spoken by Sigourney Weaver (sorry it doesn’t allow embedding):


I’ll definitely go for a 2nd serving… and I hope they’ll make a sequel of this!

i saw it on Wednesday night on 3D!!! it was bloody brilliant!! phenomenal!!!

now i want my own Avatar :slight_smile:


just back from the theatre. its probably the best movie of 2009.

Was a very good film, but was a little disappointed in the CG.

I know that may sound strange, but go and watch District 9 and compare the visuals.

Still Avatar is a great fantasy film and I hope to watch it again on an IMAX screen.

I’ve heard very mixed reviews about this one… will have to go see it and find out! :smiley:

Visually stunning and stylised somewhat which imo it needed to be. Not the grimey excellent visuals of District 9 :slight_smile: But thats a totally different flavour. Avatar wants you to be drawn into the fantasy world.

Story?.. Well, now. Its a big Hollywood blockbuster. Directed by someone getting very very soft in his old age :slight_smile: Why do you think its billed “… director of Titanic …” and not " … director of Terminator …" very apt decision methinx.

I saw this a few weeks back - defo have to go for the 3d version - the story line is a fairly standard good guys vs bad guys routine but the 3d effects make it pretty awsome…

Would have loved to have watched it on the IMAX screen too - dont think I could bare to watch it a second time now though!!

Exclusive footage from the UK release of Avatar… “MAKE THE BOND!” :smiley:


Come down to vue watford if you can! i work there and if you give me a message i’ll let you know if im in that day. i cant give free food/tickets etc but i can give good service and a nice chat :stuck_out_tongue:

It was meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh.

It’s always a problem when they try to give aliens personalities…as humans it’s difficult for us to comprehend how another race may act, especially when that race was supposed to be superior. Which is why we ended up with aliens which for some reason acted/spoke like an African tribe? What the hell was that all about? It’s interesting while the aliens retain some of there mystique (i.e war of the worlds/aliens) but it all comes undone when we see them reacting to situations in a way that would be typical of humans - inevitable since it is written by humans, but annoying none the less. And it was still down to the white man to save the day :w00t:

I was just waiting for ripley to shave her hair off and whip out the pulse rifle :frowning:

Yep, agreed, pedestrian acting, jaded storyline and predictable outcome…HOWEVER -

Do not let that put you off going to see it, it is a milestone movie simply for the effects, go, and be amazed.

Yeah don’t get me wrong, I can watch just about anything and enjoy it. Would see it again for sure :slight_smile:

Saw this today at Wimbledon Odeon, made the mistake last night of booking what I thought was the IMAX version, turned out to be the normal 3d one d’oh!! My defence is I booked it late last night after a busy day, and was tired.

Still a great film though, very much enjoyed it. GF managed to stay awake for less than 50% of it though, but that’s normal for her with a long film like this :w00t:

Totally agree. District 9 is a completely different type of film. Avatar is fantasy, whereas District 9 - which I loved - revels in its gritty realism.

avatar is ferngully

I thought Avatar was mind-blowing… Thoroughly enjoyed every minute… would happily watch again. Highly recommend.

Was a white disabled man though, don’t forget.