Go Pro + Skiing

So, taking the family ski-ing for the 1st time early next month… and wanted to record all their antics (and mine)… I have a GoPro 2 HD with various waterproof housings (with and without the LCD clip on)

I wanted to know what the best mount would be?

Stick on the skis? / Chest harness / Helmet?

I guess a chest harness would be the best…so…

Does anyone have one I can borrow from 10th - 24th Feb please?

I can pick up from Borough Market.


Don’t use Helmet Mounted, Rumours are that is the reason why Micheal Schumachers injuries were worse than they should’ve been, Apparently he fell onto his GoPro and it dug into his helmet putting pressure into a specific part of his head causing the Brain injury, Also if you fall on it whilst helmet mounted it can twist your neck before the bracket snaps therefore causing serious injury again.

I would use either the Chesty Mount or the ski mounted one, you can change angles on the ski mounted one so it films where your going for some of the run, then turn it to face you so it films your face on the way down to get more interesting footage

Surely a chest mounted Go Pro would cause similar injures? nothing like a punch to the solar plexus to brighten your day :w00t:

Maybe a google strap mount, least it’ll flex and move on impact.

Depending on how good a skier you are maybe the camera, that way you know where it’s pointing and it’ll also give you some sort of damping too.

I’d say if it’s the first time for your family, you’ll want a stick mount so you can take video of them and you in the same shot. ya know, for the memories.

Ha ha ha, I know a fair bit about that Gavin. After someone dropped a challenge to me in class a few years ago, I kicked him the through body armour. He sank. 6’3" with a six pack, and very street orientated, I then had to stop him from passing out. And I didn’t kick him hard, just fast, and accurately.

I don’t say that to show off, but to highlight how amazingly strong the human body can be, and yet it other situations, how feeble it seem to be too. You don’t have to be hit hard to be damaged, just hit correctly.

So back to point, wearing a camera in the middle of your sternum may be ok, if you only fall forward on snow. Fall and land so that the camera hits your skis, your arm, or anything else with little or no flexibility, and as nivag correctly pointed out, you will be in a whole world of pain. Bear in mind that the “solar plexus” is a term used to describe the frontal area of the chest, just below where the sternum is. It is what lies beneath that area that is most important. At the bottom of the sternum is the xiphoid process, a pointed bone. Then you have the heart, a fraction higher. I would have thought that if you want to wear a chest mounted camera, wear it higher up well above the heart, or lower down over the middle/lower abs. Personally, I go for the abs or a helmet mount.

Also consider this http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Single-Shoulder-Strap-Mount-Chest-Harness-Belt-for-GoPro-Hero2-3-4-Camera-SJ4000-/381102443885?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item58bb79cd6d , but now you have a solid block only 4" away from your neck and possibly your artery. Come to think of it, where ever you mount it, there would be an added risk. Mount it on someone you don’t like.

Goggle strap mount is what you want. Solid enough for steady recording, flexible enough to fly off in an accident (and maybe damage the other guy ;-). I use a goggle strap with my Contour Roam.