GO Pro HD camera...finally got it...

Its virtually lost all its quality by putting this on youtube but imagine this filling a 54 inch screen perfectly…A friend on my bike…:stuck_out_tongue:


how much jewl?..and your forks are bottoming out mate…;)…


Great vid, the kit is top-shelf.

I saw the zip-ties low on the forks too Shane, but I don’t know enough about suspension to give an educated opinion. I thought the forks were dipping harshly after landing multiple wheelies.

Does the camera come with the side mounting kit you have used? I would be tempted to fit it on a more central location.

The forks are fine, I’d say pretty much perfect. Video quality is good too!

Correct. Perfectly setup thank you. The cable tie is about 10mm from the bottom which I tend to push at Brands;)

£200 for camera including mounts and £20 for 8GB memory card.:smiley:

I’m glad it wasn’t you Jewell, cos Lewis was saying how crappy those wheelies were, looking forward to a proper vid of you doing it :D:D:D

were they power wheelies?

They were definately something…:P:D:P

Listen to the sound and it should be obvious.

Mel, why are you typing, shouldn’t you be in the kitchen doing something, like cooking or cleaning?:smiley:

Lewis, don’t make me punch you in the vagina.

Its clearly not obvious. hence him asking the question! So answer it correctly.No need for Mel to be in there mate, we have maids and butlers for that! :smiley: (kids)

I answered if he listened to it, its quite clear the jump in the revs meaning a clutch was used. A power wheelie uses pure revs, meaning a smooth continuous noise;)

Thats good, can you get than from the UK? Best price I’ve seen so far is 190 with 16gb from the US :confused:

Just be careful if you order it from the US, I’m still waiting for mine to arrive as it’s been held up in customs so I dread to think how much the import duty will be on it :blink:
Can’t complain though, It’s the first time I’ve been collared for import duty!

Good quality vid mate
Take it you didn’t see or read the article about police checking YouTube and tracing such videos them ay it was even on London tonight other week

You cheeky fecker… I don’t do housework… or cooking (although i can very very well). I am a free spirit and do what i want, I also get what i want, and i like it that way… :w00t:

As I said, its not me:)


That really is good quality, very impressed with how little vibration makes it into the camera as well, the few times I mounted a cam on the side of the bike the vibration from the engine and the road made the image pretty much unwatchable.

Did you watch the Vimeo link or youtube?

I’ve edited my orginal post so its showing the Vimeo link as its so much better quality.

I watched both, the youtube one you first posted and the Vimeo one just now, the Vimeo one was a fair bit better.

I am, really, more impressed with the lack of vibration, I got a HD camera and the quality of the image is about the same (though recording time is not as good as the Hero HD) and the Camera is obviously not built for the job, no waterproof casing and a bit oddly shaped whereas the Hero is a nice compact size for the job.

When I mount on the bike though, it just vibrates to an insane degree. I am not sure whether the Hero mount is just that good or whether the camera itself has a built in anti-vibration “thing”…due to it being designed for motorsports and other “extreme” activities.

Great video, really easy to watch.

I still think head mount is better though, it gives you a proper view that you will get when riding yourself. Pain to sort out though because working out what angle to place the camera at can be a bit time consuming, with any camera but especially with the Hero as there is no screen.

Placement is a bit hit and miss. I did 5 BCR runs this week and only the 5th one had any video worth keeping, the rest was just tarmac going past.

Hi Jewell - looks great!

I gather a few of these have been ordered for us on the London-Tbilisi-Bahrain ride (http://www.london2tbilisi.com/), though I’ve not checked them out yet.

I’ll welcome any tips you come up with for making them work best. Maybe even see you at BM for a demo?? :slight_smile: