Go on Grandad

Today going down the A4 betewwen Maidenhead and Slough i see the worst case of vehicle use i ever witnessed there he was going down the middle of the dual carrige way 40mph limit, no protective gear, no helmet didnt even have his lights on as he careered onto towards on coming traffic. I couldnt beleive it he was all over the shop nearly had my mirror off, i managed to pick up my phone and get a snap before he screamed off behind the bus leaving grey tyre marks in his wake he deffinatekey had it on the “hare” setting

GO GO Grandad…



lol… bloody hell…

That is so funny! I had one like that in Kingston on Monday!

that will be you flats in 10 years time!!! ha ha

looks your yours flats sure you wasnt there just to protect him and do u think he likes it up the ass you were a bit close

I would like to have seen the boys in blue huckle that one,

I can imagine the conversation, right young man, runway too short…

i aint the one riding round on three wheels…

OMG !!! poor old bu**er - funny though

Westie thats sooo unfair at least the guy had his trousers on !

lol Where’s the police when u need them,

Joking apart i new some one around the age of 25,borrowed one of those thing and got done for wreckless driving,and he was drunk at the time. he had the book thrown at him,wanted to make an example of him. I believe a fine and he had some points or something! Crazy

Charlie you never told me thats what the points were really for!!!tut tut!!!

sssshhhhhh! your get me into trouble,lol no it wasn’t him…

Hey less of the coffin-dodger bashing. That’ll be me soon

Hey its always good to laugh at yourself??

Reckon he was faster on that than you are on that old 7, hang on grey hair, dodgy suit… Andrew where was you at 10:57 this morning

yea andrew…sooon did you say bud ?

looks like a new winter hack for mee i think…


Give it a few years and the will have twin butterfly valves and fly by wire throttles!!!

Was he overtaking you with a clear road ahead? lol


and Fridayman does have a point, he is overtaking you Si ?

Using your phone to take a pic whilst driving … don’t we usually slate cage / van drivers for that ?

Bad boy Si !