Gnger banned

i was in court Monday for speeding on the motorway on the way to france i already had 11 points and they gave me another 6 points, so i have lost my licence for 6 months

i hadn’t told my mum until today because of my job i wanted to find out what was happening, when i did tell her all i got was you should have told me i knew there was something wrong when you got a letter with surrey police stamped across the back

so 6 months of stinking public transport, what a f*cker

has it taught me a lesson yes it has

keep rubber side down guys and girls

Silly boy.

Hope you’ve leant your lesson!!

Sorry to hear this Ginger,

I’ll give you a lift to the Ace when i go in the Car

Chin up mate

cheers hun much aprricated

yeah it has never to open up the throttle when i go past a police car for about 50 miles lol

I don’t know what to say about this Ginger. I really do hope it has taught you a lesson.

I’m still reeling from the fact that you had 11 points already! I’ve been driving 13 years and I have only had the misfortune to pick up 3 points along the way. I’m not gloating, I’m just amazed that you have managed so many in such a short space of time!

Were you planning on going down Brighton then?

It’s incredible to believe that someone on an old 600, and more recently a SV650, plus any work vehicle can be so popular with revenue creating machine that is speed cameras n like!

Ginge, I trust you now know where those static sites are, and when not to go speeding like a loon past vehicles on the motorway

Tough break dude, but learn from this and come back a bigger better Ginger

Prob see ya at the Ace or elsewhere sometime

Chin up old boy… really sorry to hear that…

but you were prepared for the worst.

If it hadn’t been a monsoon on Kill spills… I think you and Stem would of caught up with the police on the way home

i still cant believe that you got pulled on the same day and they let you off

but yes it will teach me a lesson

Sorry to hear G.

who am I gonna throw arround now

i think me and stem would have caught up with them on the way back it it wasnt for you slowing us down

I hear you man…

I got banned for 3 months last month…not because of points but my speed was way to fast, and i also had my knee down in one of my fave corners…While passing an unmarked car.

Cops nabbed me at the lights…one holding my shoulder and the other taking the keys out my bike. I learnt a lesson alright…look in my bloody mirrors.

Do what i did get a license from another country…I can still drive about and Canada has not the foggiest whats going on .

6 months is gonna be a pain in the ass…hey now you got an excuse to ride bitch with one of the hot girls from the site

Jeez Ginge, that sux, sorry to hear it. But, 17 points in how many years?

Did they fine you as well?

Tough break Ginger.

I think I may have been flashed a couple of nights ago (camera not dirty mac) so I’m nervously awaiting the postman. My 3 points are due to expire in 3 weeks and I may have replaced them already, d’oh!

unlucky ginge, whatever the reasons, losing your licence is a wounder

gixxer750 not to hijack on this but why did they say knee down wrong? if you hang off (which is perfectly allowable) and your knee touches the floor because you leant the bike over (which its designed to do) and you’re in full control then what can they say? speeding is fair enough

tough break ginge, but u were expecting it.

hope you still manage to get out and about

Ughhh… we’ve all done it obviously still do it… it’s just the luck of the draw, adn it clearly wasn’t your day… Keep your chin up chap, in 6 months you’ll have a shiny new licence with no points on it (try & keep it that way )

In the meantime…


well in a way it may not be a bad thing, you do need to slow down and concentrate on safe but fast, you ride like an absolute twat at times. I hope it does make you think about it before you get back and wheels. Im not saying this to hurt ya but quite a few peeps including me have witnessed your riding.