Glue. Which one?

As everyone can see from my DP I have recently put LEDs on my bike.

On the undertray there are two strips. I done the LEDs in the cold so they probably didn’t stick as well as they could of done to begin with. To be honest I can just see them peeling off over time. I’m looking for a glue to stick the LEDs to the undertray… I don’t want something like super glue which is basically permanent. I’m looking for something semi-permanent like the glue on the stickers you originally have on your fuel tank with the manufacturer’s warnings. They are a bummer to get off but with a hair dryer and elbow grease they will come off along with the glue.

ask your mates from southend what they use on there nova’s:D failing that use clear diy mastic, ive used it on carbon covers and the parts are very secure

Those “temporary” stickers seem to be put on with a rubber/spirit based adhesive and the nearest thing readily available that I know of is “Cow” gum.

Yup. The same stuff that you effed up your school art and craft work with.

This time, follow the instructions on the tin.

Use some of my eyelash glue :wink:

Thats a bit like saying why do people do up hornets? Why do you think?

If I wanted some lame jokes I would of got myself a box of xmas crackers.

They are pretty firmly on for now but oldguy in today’s modern age LEDs are a strip that come in a packet. You peel off the protective paper, a bit like double sided tape. It will unstick eventually on the undertray.

That doesn’t even hold eyelashes on lol. :stuck_out_tongue:

i cant remember the name but will try to find it, there is a double sided tape with foam in between we used it at my dads garage to put on car badges, mirrors, small trim bits etc. When you come to remove the led’s you can jimmy them away. a heat gun will remove the remainder (low setting or you’ll melt the fairings) or a hair dryer with lots of elbow grease.

that’s the stuff i use on my number plates, probably would do the job…


I know the stuff. You sure a jetwasher won’t take that stuff off?

I was doing a bit of research and thinking some clear silicone adhesive? I know that stuff will work well to protect the soldering under the fairings from the elements (mostly water). It can also be taken off quite easily.

It has to be clear for aesthetics forgot to mention that. lol

Has someone been getting free fillups with the sticky plates :wink:

never used silcon for that so cant comment, i’m at my parents for a few days so will get some options for you. perm and semi perm. Prob tuesday. if thats ok?

That would be great if you could. Thanks :smiley:

If you use silicon check the heat rating if its going to be near the engine/exhaust.

clear silicone is the business! i’ve used it on a number of random applications and use that stuff on a daily basis. it is by far the best to use as it WILL hold it. you can remove it by running a stanly blade through it and then use a little petrol on a rag to dissolve the rest of the residue should you see the errors of your ways :stuck_out_tongue:

line up the strips where u want them and then put a line of masking tape either side about 1mm wider than the strips. put a SMALL bead of sealant there and press down. wipe the exess off diagonally AWAY from the LEDS. this way all the exess sealany will land on the masking tape and save you having to clean everything. remove the tape and run a clean WET finger over the visible sealant to make it a nice smooth finish.

you might want to hold it in place with some masking tape for a few hours. I’d do this in the evening to allow the sealant to dry over night as it takes several hours to dry

:smiley: happy pimping

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Make sure the bit of bike you’re sticking them to is properly clean first - maybe a final wipe with meths or something.

Heat gun/rubbing alcohol when you decide to take 'em back off.

Impact adhesive

Thank you all for your sensible answers.

@ Conrad B - The impact glue seems a bit too good for what I need it. I can’t see that coming off with ease.

@ Monkimark - I was considering the good old glue gun but that dries a bit clumpy and I often end up partly cooking my fingers trying to make it look neat :w00t:

@ Jaime - I shall see you before you move house since you’re only round the corner at the mo’ :wink:

I think I’m going to try the clear silicone first as it seems to be the easiest to remove and is pretty solid.

isn’t it a bit late to be putting fairy lights on your bike? decorations come down soon :slight_smile:

They have been on there for a while no and give a very nice glow under the fairings and on the soon to be fitted rear hugger thank you very much :slight_smile: