Glove recommendations

Can anyone recommend me some gloves ? Not too pricey and nothing too flash, black would be fine! Commuting and fun use and preferably all season. Currently have a pair of Buffalo Aviator summer gloves which are 2 years old and giving up the fight and a pair of Hein Gericke Pathan ones for when it gets really cold.

I rate Buffalo for winter and summer gloves.

I’ve slid along a track wearing their race style gloves and had them just scuff up.

I know you said “not too pricey”, but try Rev-Its.

I’ve got these, and for £100 you can’t go wrong! Worn mine pretty much throughout the winter with a set of Cold-Killers inners. Except for the extremely cold days obviously! :wink:



I got some alpinestars Sp2 a while back and for £55 you cant really go wrong, they do take a while to wear in though.

any alpinestars will do the job, just be careful on ebay lotsa chinese fakes about, if it looks too good to be true it is! if you take a large size glove go xl with alpinestars :wink: those rev’it’s look good tho i used a pair drag racing for years!

I have alpinestars Sp1’s Love em

Richa Spark gloves for running to the shops and Spada Enforcers for winter use

I was just looking on E-bay and thinking how come they’re so cheap on there! Question answered. Thanks:D

I’m a pretty bad alpinestars tart

I’ve got Sp2’s (2004 model with the 1 piece carbon knuckle guard), 2007 Gp Plus’ and 2007 Tech Road’s. So that’s about 300 quid’s worth of gloves there lol.

SP2 is has good feel and wear characteristics. I crashed in them and they didn’t wear through. Similarly, i had them for 3 seasons in all weather, torrential rain, winters etc before the leather became thin that it abraded away due to excessive wear(got a good 30k miles out of them mind). Very good glove, offering a load of feedback. I got mine for £40 at the bmf in Peterboro’ and i still use them for pillions today.

GP Plus; really a summer glove in all intents and purposes. Got them for £80 instead of the £99-£109 rrp. Sold, secure and protective. Offers a LOT of feedback. Seems to be a snugger fit than the SP2 but gives me that reassuring feel on the bars and levers. It’s perforrated so not ideal for winter or rainstorms for that matter which brings me onto the next glove.

Tech Road: Goretex with a double wrist closure and waterproof synthetic leather. This is technically a weatherproof summer glove which i use in winter. Funnily enough it’s very well insulated and i feel warmer in it than in my HG panthans. Again, i got this at well less than RRP. I got this in my standard sizing of M and it fits more like the SP2s than the GP plus’. Got the same PU vents as the GP series gloves which I normally tape up in the winter. I like the glove and it forms part of my daily commuting kit which is mostly goretex textile, although i do wear it with my leathers. Doesn’t offer as much feedback as the GP plus due to the insualting layer, but it’s a damn good glove. If you can get it for £60 which I got mine for, they’re bloody perfect for what you want - a Black, all round glove which not only looks sporty but is functional.

Here’s the pics of them

Top is the SP2
Bottom left is the GP Plus
Bottom right is the tech road.

I’ve also got HG panthans but they offer me no feedback and aren’t that much warmer than the Tech Roads. I used to run SP2’s and had the panthans under my seat for when the weather got bad… don’t need to anymore since the tech roads do the job of the 2 gloves well. They’re discontinued mind so hunt ebay for em.