Gloating roll call

Hello from Elafonisos beach in Crete… Where the sea has parted. I’m sure if I look I’ll see a Moses Was Here inscription


you git.

Afternoon all!

Love the photo!

First day back at work for me :frowning:

place looks lovely. way too many people for my liking.

If you think thats busy, you best give Croatia a miss. Busy but you get a space somewhere. Seen the underwater caves and dolphins so off to Germany (Lake Constance) for my second week vacation.

Love Crete! Ive been in Greece for the last 2 months, in Athens for 1 more then home. Really miss my bike. Next time i’m bringing it with me!

Haven’t been in Crete since I was at school… So far it’s been good but the distances are massive…

Off to Athens in a week for friends and family, then off to hydra for a few days, then back to Athens for a.last weekend before home…

Ha, a fellow comrade! Hail Hydra!



Today’s view is a somewhat less picturesque beach as we decided to stay local… Still very enjoyable especially with a half tent providing essential cover for all day on the beach

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Went to a German/Hindu wedding ceremony last night at Hampton Court Palace. Feel surprisingly clear headed today :slight_smile: preparing for a BBQ. Weather permitting.