got my tickets, anybody else going

Pay 135 quid when Mr eves says Im too old to go and listen to some R&B shite!
Mate its just a corporate cum hole. Been there done that! ;):P:D
Got the Tshirt, lost the tent, dancd in the mud many a time.
(lashings of sarcasm here, lol):w00t:

I am joking ofcourse I hope you have a fab time fella!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Not this time but it’s on the list of places to go before i die ;):smiley: Have fun you lucky bugger :wink:

ha ha ha pretty much all true,
its just nice to try and forget work for a weekend and get totally trashed,
and relive my youth,

and god do i need to :hehe:

been there before ricky great place i went when roger waters from pinkfloyd was playing best place for music loved every secound

I’m going :slight_smile: