Gixxer Stolen

We tried and were asked how we could be sure. Please note for the hard of thinking, I’m not the bad guy here, I merely posted asking if the bike belonged to any LBers.

I know what u r trying to say here oli? just i guess that its bit hard to take in that you cant actually report anything unless its your own…sign of the times we live i suppose…

The white van again eh? hmmmm i seem to recall them being involved in another few bikers losses in and around london a while back, cos i remember adding that ours was stolen by 3 men in a white van too, and they didnt take time doing it either…this was our hybusa so not a light bike! I would report it, if only to state that its 3 guys and the white van again?..and i wonder why they can still be allowed to drive around without that number plate?..thats how they did us too!!!

Because we ride and own bikes, does that mean that if our bikes get stolen and we dont have a tracker, that its a case of “oh well, sorry mate?”…God, makes me even more glad my bike “hijack” was foiled, by my other biker helpers!!! But to be fair, the first thing they told me was dont bother reporting it, the police wont come out, they wont do nothing and you have your bike so put it down to experience…and i took their advice as well! shame but there you go…(im kinda glad my helper got a punch in and floored one of em now!)

I had a Busa stolen - it was reported during the theft by the two witnesses, one being threatened by a baseball bat on his own property, all at 9am in broad daylight, police did not attend. Then following this the stolen van, still wearing original plates, was reported dumped outside someones house with my alarm going off in the back - still no attendance. The gang came back and off it went never to be seen again. The van had been on the stolen list 3 months, I found this out via a mate. Despite me ringing noone ever came out - two weeks later they rang me, not the witnesses, for a description of the gang & advised me thats what insurance is for

Just in case LBers wonder why I never like to leave my bike out of sight

So Oliorchard I know where you are coming from

report it m8 or at least get onto porkscratchin or trojan on here and they will sort it out.

With the footage m8 it seems to me that the police know who nicks wot around here, we saw 1 happening sort of the police were on it and loaded only with our description they had a good idea who the scum were, even 1 time when we saw a garage used for storage the bike was gone but with stuff in the garage they recognised the motive of the stuff left and know who does it like that, ifya get wot i mean? lol.

Did ya see it as it happened? not been nasty m8 but ya should have phoned the pigs right at that moment, if they pulled the van and was kosha ( i doubt it) no probs.


we tried m8 but they wouldn’t listen m8. I said that earlier.

Oli, well done for trying to report it and doing the right thing generally and sadly, Grimbusa’s and Blade’s experience matched mine totally.

Oli … I dunno who you spoke to mate but you’ve been fed rubbish by someone - not your fault though. No doubt some useless inexperienced clown on the end of the phone.

If anyone sees anything like this happening then dial triple 9, tell them you believe a theft is happening right this second - you may have to explain why, ie 3 blokes looking a bit dodgy, picking up a bike and putting it in the back of a van, you feel it’s dodgy as you know thats how bikes get nicked and they appear to be in a hurry etc etc etc.

Give registration numbers of the van etc and leave it with local plod who should respond to it as an emergency as it’s believed a crime is happening now.

Mate if you’ve got any details like a reg etc then drop me a Pm and I’ll get something to the locals where it happened.

trojan, i think he said no plates on van but has footage of it, so maybe faces might be recognised.

get onto him.

stolen bike in broad daylight i presume these crooks r getting brave even if we do tell the police what is happening they just turn a blind eye because they cant do anything about it best thing for it buy a tracker or ride a ****ty bike !!

if we find these ppl we should chop their hands off simple as that!!

hi chaps, my few cents to this:

  1. I got my bike stolen a few years back, as I was going to ride off, in broad daylight in Central London (the guys basically assaulted me - one jumping off the back of his bike, etc.). I am a black belt in Karate and struggeled for a few secs, but trust me, there is nothing you can do when a guy shows up in full leathers, helmet and branding a hammer clearly ready to waste you. you ask him only what you can give him and pray. bottom line: there are guys out there who are pros, they are equipped and they are ready for anything, which is not good if you try to be in their way.

  2. I spent then a lot of time on theft issues. forget alarms and trackers, these pros have vans which have insulation for a lot of sound and are SUPER fast at taking the alarm out, and they have led - covered interior backs, which makes trackers useless… So forget that.

  3. Chain bike to something? Now THAT works. reason? not because they can’t cut the chain, but there are various makes and models out there and you never know, you might get a chain harder to brake than your standard Oxford (eg. Almax chains are better). More importantly, they just don’t want to waste the time to find out if the chain is good or not - they just keep driving around until they find one without chain… there’s plenty in London and no need to go for the rare one chained to something!

So bottom line: i NEVER park my nice bike in London outside without being within a few meters. I have a crap bike I don’t care about for running errands. I chain bikes bikes to an achor at home and that works.

Best of luck


Nothing from Oli to me yet, happy to help if I can mate, just give me a shout.

It’s all a bit late now, we assume the owner has found out and reported it to someone who will actually listen.