Gixxer Stolen

I know this is a longshot, but have just seen a Gixxer stolen from Paris Garden, didn’t recognise it as someone from here’s, so in case it’s an LBers check.


Paris Garden is SE1, off Stamford Street btw.

you saw it being stolen??

Yup, white transit, 3 guys, 20 seconds.

the bare faced cheek of it! Did you call the police?

Can’t report something unless it’s your property, they’ll tell you to swivel. We’re trying to track down the owner.

No plate on the van either.

damn, gone in 20 seconds, ****, that’s y im never parking my baby in central london, someone I know has lost 2 bikes there

Wow thats deep, i think trackers are the best option, these crooks are getting brave

It’s a new bike as well (maybe not in age, but it’s never been outside the office before) so it’s opportunist as well, not pre-planned.

The scum

I think I would faint if I came out to find my bike not there anymore.

Couldn’t agree more with the tracker option. It’s not cheap, but it’s worth it.

If you can, always chain it to something. Stops it being lifted then.

It does slow down the opportunists, but the determined will always find a way, like SheWoolf said, a tracker is the only thing that can give you peace of mind, if you cant stop them stealing it, might as be able to trace it, and you have to go for the monitor option, that way soon as it moves, you know….

Bloody hell. I can’t believe you’re unable to report something like that. Where’s the community spirit nowadays? Poor owner

I know, but without proof it could just be a couple of guys or a recovery truck.

Recovery van without a plate?

could be

If it’s not my bike then they say you can’t be 100% sure a crime was committed.

However, if you report what you saw and the time it happened, then when the owner goes to report the theft they will have half a chance to look at security cameras. Plus if there’s some way to let the owner know you saw it being lifted, then he can pressure the Police to actually investigate.

If I had a bike nicked then found out someone saw the theft but didn’t report it, I’d be more than a bit miffed.

They won’t take the report, we own the camera and have looked but you can’t see the bike reg or any identifying marks on the van.

In an ideal world we’d have been able to.

you can’t report it… they won’t do anything…? what??

so when you see someone stealing something - you just gotta shrug your shoulders and pretend it aint happened?

You could have at least tried…??? (forgive me if you did)

******** - what is this country coming too… i give up… this cottonwooled fairyland healthandsafety politicaly correct… i could go on…

makes my blood boil

please,please,please reeport this, if you have footage it doesn’t matter about the reg the police need anything they can go, on let alone the rider and his insurance. Its better be safe than sorry. I had my drz stolen from Glasshouse street in soho on a Sunday afternoon, full of people with cameras and I wish someone had a suspicous mind.