Gixxer Down..

A3 a few hundred yards South of Stockwell Tube. Looks like he’s hit a cyclist. In a bus lane. Hope they’re both okay - and I hope the press and cycle lobby don’t make a meal of this one!

There isn’t a bus lane where the accident was - the bus lane starts in front of Hein Gericke and the accident was at the corner before.

However, this is a very dangerous junction. Many cars turn right and left into and out of the junction, the cars are queueing on the A3 heaing North, and the cycles and a few stupid motorcyclists try and shoot through the junction without regard for what all the cars are doing. I have seen cyclists hit by cars turning here several times and treat the area with respect.

You could be right - the bus lanes stop and start every few hundered yards down that road. The section between Union rd and Jeffres rd doesn’t - according to the Piaggio Guide - have a bus lane, but I thought the accident was at the corner of Union, where there is indeed a lane. There were response teams at the scene so I only passed by quickly, so I could well be wrong!

Yes - there is no bus lane from Union Road to Jeffreys Road. Whilst the Union Road junction has its own dangers, having seen several cyclists pass through red and collide with other vehicles there over the years, the incident this morning that I saw involved a GSXR and a cycle on the road at the Jeffreys Road junction. They were lying where the bonnet of the green car turning is as marked.

Cyclists filter on the outside of traffic and cut in and out at will on this stretch- beware. This is a good example of a road where opening the bus lane to motorbikes would make things safer for everyone.

I agree. The most likely casue of this accident was a bicycle filtering on the right whilst a bike was passing down the usualy free approach to the bus lane on the left. At that junction, as well as avoiding all the turning cars, bikes often swerve to the right to avoid the bus lane and to pass through the slow moving queue of cars so they can filter on the right. At the same time, cyclists who have filtered on the right cut through the cars to get to the bus lane.