gixxer 750 m problems

hi all my gixxer is playing up she wont start with out the choke and when she does finally start she cuts out again when put into gear sounds like she miss firing too can anyone help ive only had her a few days and at 1st she ran like a dream its a 92 plate the model after the slabbie if this help (think its a air cool one ) although not 100% sure also any one know what the tube from the tank to the forks does as you can see gsxr virgin

Lets start with the easy one… The tube from the tank to the headstock is a breather tube.

As far as the missfire/cutting out… Have you refueled it since you got it?

gr8 news but just found out its not a 750m but a 750N which is oil cooled so im asuming the tube feeds the rad looking thing and yes mate its still got half a tank still in some one has said i may need to mess about with the carbs

hang on a mo here.

All gsxr’s are oil coole up to the M, N i believe was the first of the water cooled (WN W been for water.

Have a look and ya should see if it a radiator or a oil cooler.

Check ya coils first b4 fooking about with carbs.

Rocker is right, [just for the 750s…] the M was the last oil/air cooled model, a WN was the next model, it is watercooled and has a bit of fairing covering the top back part of the frame, unlike the oil/air cooled L/M models before.

This is a WN…

right then its M cos it dont have them little firing covers so this means oil yes?? so i take it cooling oil goes in the little hump on the tank where the tube comes from i this cos there is nowt in there at mo could this be a factor in the case

this is said problem in the photo on my profile

It’s deffinately oil as the W* (for water) series came after the N

Still unsure about the pipe you talk of though

Do you mean the one that comes out of the top of the tank and goes into the headstock? Thats a breather

No !

The hump in the tank is an air breather, if your tank didnt have one it would create a vaccum and allow very little fuel through before stopping play, so, as you have problems, check it is not blocked, or a fave cause of troubles, trapped by minor “rerouting”…it is meant to go in the headstock [middle of the yokes, hole there just the right size]

Oil Cooling…on your bike just means a very big oil cooler [plus some more funkybusiness inside the engine you do not need to worry about] but that is it. IIRC on 750M’s they are black, slightly curved and A4 size, there may even be a second smaller more conventional one below it [at the front of the bike, near the bottom].

It is a simple system that should not go wrong and is unlikely to have anything to do with the bike running badly. If the thing has sat for a while, your fuel may be shagged, otherwise, coat your electrics in WD40 [keep your brake discs 100% clear of this]…this masks the effects of tracking out weak sparks, on a 16 yo bike, plug leads would be suspect, they break down invisibly and weaken the spark.

chunky monkey this is the tube this on the tank



That is the [correctly positioned] fuel breather hose we are both talking about, it is not the source of your problem.

as kao5 said thats yer tank breather.

Check the tubes under tank going to carbs, are they kinked in any way, 1 is petrol to carbs and t’other is vacuum tube

wherebouts are you?

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