Gixxer 1000 Phantom Edition

Dunno if this is old news 4 you guys but i’ve just come across it. Gotta admit it does look very sexyfull. Comes with limited edition tri-oval yoshimura can and other trick bits. Really like the colours on it might even be better than the all black. Only 200 have been made

Nice paint-job! I like it.

sharp will u plz buy me one

buy ya own ya tight git! hehe

There is one in Colins Colins Harrow, its nothing special when compared to the standard gixers but still very nice.

LOL! I ride a Mito, if anyones getting a Gixxer its me, and as westie said get your own!

there are not only 200 made - there are only a certain (yet to be confirmed) coming over to U.K, it is the colour scheme (aswell as blue/white, and Black) sold in north america that havn’t sold so think it would suit our taste more!!! But it is nice, we got one in all our suzuki selling branch’s!!

Oh rite cool. The Suzuki site is full of Bull then! Lol it said only 200 had been made and didn’t mention anything about America…

That is a REET nice colour scheme…melikee!!

wouldn’t get hung up on the “only 200 made” because there is nothing like a “rare suzuki”. this startegy works with MVs and so forth, but if you think you’ll increase the resale value/reduce depreciation, you are very wrong in my opinion.

I’d personnaly buy a K7 750…