anyone on

Yep - don’t post all that often though!

Same here, don’t use it much to be honest.

I think there’s a few people off here are members, there’s a few names that I recognise on there.

Im a member but dont use it that much :slight_smile: Good handy site tho

Yes and so is Jay, Adz and others from here.

signed up ages ago, i just think its a bit of an odd site, to many areas to go to etc.

you think thats odd, try the GSX-F sight :slight_smile:

Yup, I’m a member!

Yep ,

Signed up a couple of weeks ago when I bought my K5 Thou - only posted in " Newbies " so far but seems a very " full " site !!

My user name is " Simple " on GJ’s :wink:

im on there same username... tried posting on there but the site was locked think its cause i havnt posted 4 a while emailed the site but still havn`t heard anything bk


Yup, there are some nice people. Don’t tend to read it that much though, just view the for sale section and the local boards for when the meet up.

i’m on there

yay i on there, .net though.

Know wot ya mean bout loads of groups, i just click the new posts bit at top of forum.