Gixer Vs Deer

a Gixer hits a deer @ 85mph!

That scared me just watching it.

Good job it wasn’t a moose. . .

Ooooh. Nasty.

lucky dude!

thats why the frig are there speed limits! 85mph indeed…I expect its 55mph limit in the USA or Canada? :shifty:

Don’t ride around Haverhill then, loads of moose around there, as well as a few hephalumps.


why didnt he bungey it to the back of the bike n take it hime for supper!

Including one that menaces passing riders with a pitchfork :w00t:

Just watched that… now if he’d have replaced the standard can with a louder one, I reckon the deer would have kept well away !! :stuck_out_tongue:

ouch!!! he got a away with that…

Now if there had been traffic coming the other way…

How lucky was he !

Reminds me when a deer hit me at 110mph in my car! Nasty.

I didn’t know deers could run at 110mph:w00t:

He was one lucky “SOB”, that could have been a lot worse.

Steriod and creatine abuser :wink:

Come to my neck of the woods and you’ll see :smiley:

OMG poor deer :frowning:

If a car had been coming the other, the outcome would have been very different. V luck there.

One very lucky guy.
That rucksack is like the tardis though - how much of his bike was he able to get in there and still close it up!?