Gixer owners.

If this has already been pointed out I apologise but this needs reading if you have Gixer of a particular year.

Love the guys comment bellow the article :D:D:D:D

“Gixxer’s being wheelied!! never in a million years lol MUHAhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah i dont believe that for one minute!! when do you ever see a gixxer on the back wheel?? lol hahahahahahahahahah…”

Only 3 weeks behind the yanks, which is pretty poor -

Also Vosa say no to a complete recall :w00t: even though if there are any cracks its a new frame.

For info - You can check if any bike has had a recall here -

That situation was documented before the bike even got to show-rooms. I remember Suzuki refuting it. Funny that. You’d have thought after four years they’d realised whether or not there was a problem.

I hope my thou breaks apart with the thieves on-board and kills them. Bastards.

Sheeesh :pinch:

I remember taking the **** out of gixxer owners when the rumours were flying, but never actually thought it was true.

Better get down to a Suzuki dealer :rolleyes:

Im not impressed with Suzuki but I hope mines cracked then i get more new bits, once i get a job !!!