Giving up log chopping

Not chopped a log now for two weeks, its hard and I have to take frequent walks in the woods but at least my blisters have stopped bleeding.

Try some of this it might help the hardness and bleeding :smiley:

Is Senocot going to help the blisters on my hands from chopping wood? I think you misunderstood the first post. (The woodland walks have made me regular as clockwork, in case you need to know).

Thanks for your concern.

Fancy a game of “Poosticks” at the QE2 bridge?

How is your German Shepherd getting on with those bin maggots?

Did you not take your medication again yesterday Jetstream, or are the flashbacks kicking in again from your Woodstock days? LOL:D:P

I did three weeks after my accident before I fired a few coals out the barrel…gosh did they hurt…overall I think it was the worst pain of all…sod that codein…wouldnt take it ever again, even if my life depended on it…