Giving bikers a bad name

I’m sure most people on here will agree, we try to ride sensibly but last night I’m in beckenham, no idea what bike all I know was black (that should narrow it down) with indicators on the mirrors…

lights are red people crossing, this biek approaches waits till there is enough of a gap to fit through the people and just goes through them whilst on a red light.

What an a.r.s.e it is people like that, that spoil it for the rest of us, I was there on my bike and I was ashamed of what this guy did!

There is a couple of kids on bikes around that area, who blatently blat around the place, weaving in and out of traffic, aggressivley,…yes, and with t shirt, jeans and trainers…

They will learn soon…sooner the better!!!

(hopefully, not involving anyone else!!!)


You took the words out of my mouth! I see pointless agressive riding all to often on my commute and it embarasses me as a biker. No wonder cars get pissed at us when some people act like they own the road! The one that really pisses me of is when a biker hovers on the back nearside wing of a car and then when the car goes to pull left they go nuts peeping the horn and being all aggresive!! If you are going up the inside of a car be prepared for the consequences! I agree you have to look after yourself out there but we also all pay road tax.

When I took my test I was told to ride DEFENSIVELY, not go mad at anybody who didn’t see me hovering in their blind spot!!

I agree Mike.

The one thing I hate the most is other riders bullying me to get out of the way, we don’t all have to be at the front, especially if you deem the situation to be unsafe.

This week, I had a big purple chopper reving the boll0x out of his bike, forcing me out of the way, into an unsafe situation, which pissed off other drivers.

It doesn’t just come from chopper riders, all riders do it !

Sock Cuckers

I had that the other day zx10r went through a red light then about 30 secs later a zzr14 went through on red, about 1 min after that about 5 unmarked police cars went tear-arsing past me with blues and twos, I can only guess that the bikes were either on the run or also unmarked police.

Man your avatar rocks!!

Big purple chopper ? . . . bragging about me again missus?

Just because someone own’s a moped or motorbike does not instantly turn them into a saint, the worlds full of arseholes they don’t stop being arseholes once they put on a lid.

Case in point: Me

So just get on with it, ride your bike and have fun.

People who ride bikes like idiots are the reason i don’t go out on the big rideouts as i have had a few scares, nutters on the 2005 air ambulance rideout from duntons did it for me they just joined in en route to harwich and they were riding like Twts racing past really close and weaving in and out of other bikers Scared me Shtless!

What an ass, bit like the **** on the bike yesterday on the A3. Its a shame but there’s always going to be some twat!