Givi Key - Replacement needed

Givi key snapped in the topbox this morning - plastic mounting broke, the metal bit’s fine. Where can I get a replacement cut? Do Givi do spare blanks?

Not that I know of, they do a new lock and two keys kit.

I’d try a locksmith, I’m sure they should be able to recreate a key.

I tried quite a few places a couple of years back to get one cut & no-one could come up with a matching blank.

Best bet is ebay for a replacement.

IIRC, Givi have a deliberate policy of not providing extra keys for security reasons. A new lock, fittings and spare keys is less than £9 including postage. Ebay is your friend.

My Givi key has a number stamped on the metal part - which I presume is to give to Givi to request a replacement key? If you can get the stub out the lock, it may be an option…

I took mine to the timpsons next to work and they had a blank that matched exactly

Hey Stu

R&R Security in South Ealing have been able to cut givi keys for me in the past… You’ll need the spare key, or the remnants of the broken one, so they can make a new one for you. It’s also best if you cant take the box with you so you can test the new key in the lock with them.

They are excellent locksmiths, highly recommend.

I’ve emailed Givi, as Martin indicates the key does have a number on it, and they may be able to sort me out at a Givi dealer. Am fortunately going to a Givi dealer tomorrow to collect my new bike…

Fortunately the whole metal ‘shaft’ of the key is intact so I can still open and close the topbox.

if it’s just the plastic bit then all you need is something like Sugru

Givi indicate it’s part number Z135. Hopefully will be able to pick one up at a Givi dealer tomorrow.

That’s good to know, thanks :slight_smile:

Oh, what a handy reason for going:D What’s next?

There’s a tiny but friendly key cutting hatch on the west side of St Martins Lane, near Robert Dyas, that did mine for me when that happened. Opposite (but not directly opposite) the ENO.

most key cutters can do them had one done at Timpsons as well

also go on BIKEBITZ website they sell ALL GIVI spares

Well, they do actually sell blanks. I have been in the same situation before.

Just get the blank, the part number is Z154. You can get it here fairly cheap:

Then go to your nearest key cutter with both, mine charged me £2.50 in South Kensington.

I tried 4 or 5 a couple of years back & none could, one guy even cut a couple of near match blanks but neither worked. Never tried Timpsons though, so I’ll bear that in mind next time.

My old CB500 had a sheared off key in one of the pannier locks. I took it to a locksmith (it was somewhere in central London, I’ll try and remember, it was a referral from Banham on High Street Kensington), the chap picked the lock removed the broken key and put it all back together in about 5 minutes. I don’t even think he charged me. The key that came with my original Givi topbox was not an original Givi key either.

I think if you find a decent lock smith they can take care of it.

Got a blank from the dealers, got a key cut, problem solved!