Givi Hard Luggage and Wingrack for Blackbird

Hi folks, I am selling my set of 2x E41 panniers, 1x E52 topbox (with back rest), wingrack and fitting kit for Honda Blackbird.

Will be putting on flea bay but with do a ‘deal’ for a genuine LBer!


Now on flea bay - 230270910969

ya coulda said 2 months ago before i bough all mine :slight_smile:

that a corbin seat on yours ? any good

Panniers sold now.

I have a viper seat on mine - very comfortable but puts pillion a little higher.

Rats, just seen this post - have not been on for about a week and I miss a damn bargain!!

Can I ask, as I am undecided about Wingrack or Monorack, how easy is the wingrack to fit and remove, what did you think of the kit and why did you sell it??