Give me some inspiration guys...

Seriously now… Now that the SP1 is done, I’m just about to start tricking up my 2001 R1.

First of all, is it still worth to spend the money on a 5 yr old 20k mile bike? She’s running well and has been looked after properly.

Secondly, what parts am i going for? What looks trickest or works best but is still affordable?

Front SuspensionRear SuspensionCarbon bodyworkLeversRearsetsetc.Just give me your ideas of how YOU would configure the bike and what you would change and why.

Much appreciated.

I think you should make it into a track bike, personally, Alberto! With a stunning SP1 in the garage, how motivated are you going to be to ride another sports bike? Having a second bike is great, but usually when it’s of a different type and has suitability for different tasks, i.e. commuting, touring or something that’s a low-risk option.

Having a trackbike is a wonderful thing, as you can make the bike perform better by lightening it, modifying the suspension to be amazingly accurate and offer great feedback, you can really develop your track skills without the constant thought of “if I crash, it’s going to cost a lot of money!” going through your mind. Not to mention it’s one less ongoing cost as you won’t require insurance or tax.

Sounds like a plan.

But I’d make the SP1 the track bike - it was born as a more track orientated tool surely?

Toying with the idea of a track bike indeed but would be more the likes of an RG500 or a ZXR400 I must say. Especially the latter is cheap as chips.

I love both of the current bikes and as they treat me well I want to return the favour in buying them some jewelry so to speak…

So in my stubborn frame of mind, what should I bolt on?

Okay, in that case, I’d have to say suspension first, brakes, chassis, tires then engine upgrades, in that order!

  • Ohlins rear shock
  • Professionally rebuilt forks by KTech/Kais, and setup service
  • Brembo race radial master-cylinder (19x18 works best)
  • Braided hoses
  • SBK race pads
  • Gilles/Yoshimura rearsets
  • Gilles chain adjusters
  • Pirelli SuperCorsa Pro tires
  • BMC race air-filter
  • Dynojet tuning kit
  • Akrapovic/Arata/Ti Force exhaust system
  • Motul fully-synth engine oil
  • Dyno time to get the best fueling setup

Going further, you could fit some tasty clipons for that race feeling, I’d recommend Woodcraft, then a HID headlight upgrade, 520 chain conversion and new stealth sprockets to suit. Going even further (but going into the area of pointlessness) could be a stage-2 engine tune, CRG fold-up clutch lever, and Gregs Customs flush-mount indicators.

That’s the type of advice I’m after… thanks Jay.

Gilles are easily available but where do I find Yoshi rearsets or even better, Sato rearsets?

Oh dude you lost me about half way along that…

Alberto, you do all that to an R1 and I’ll come to Italy to check the results.

Far out.

Yoshi rearsets are best sourced from America, though you can try speaking to the guys at . They are the nicest bunch you’ll speak to when it comes to parts, they have all the time in the world for you and don’t have a chip on their shoulder, like many retailers/tuners I could recommend.

Crescent Suzuki are the official Yoshimura importers I believe, certainly for Suzuki stuff. It’ll be worth speaking to them, regardless of their Suzuki focus. Sato rearsets are very nice, but again, I would source those from America. I can do research into this if you’re interested.

Anybody welcome to Italy to check the results. Just give me until summer to sort the job out first. I don’t have anything to do for the moment so I am forced to keep busy spending silly money on my mistresses.

Once I get down to Italy I’m sure it’ll be all work and no play, which makes Jack a dull boy (Which movie’s that from, anyone?)

Sato rearsets ordered at £271 from Kyleracing in the US of A

Thanks for the feedback. Status so far

Shock : Bidding on ebay for Oehlins or WPFront end : Need to fine tune once above bought and built inBraided hoses on orderRace pads on thereRear sets orderedGilles adjusters orderedCRG levers orderedDiablo Corsa’s I’ll stick withK&N filter in thereDyno time booked on the 18th at PDQ for the Jet kitAkrapovic can and link pipe on there. Full system a no no because of the Exup and compromised low end power if I lose itBlack Double Bubble orderedCarbon fender with mesh vents orderedAnd now for the questions Jay:

Radial Cylinder??? Please enlighten meHID upgrade??520 vs 530 chain set??