Give me ideas :D

Right people tomorow im teaching my first ever Food Tech class its a bunch of Yr10’s (thats 15 year olds) and i need to do a demo and i need help in choosing something cos my brain has frozen :(…
So yeah please give me some ideas… Much appreciated :smiley:

how to order and McDonald’s effiecntly

along the lines of what do you need to demo? a recipe? or food hygiene?

fairy cakes, a proper choclite cake …any form of cake really :smiley:

I have to cook infront of them and then make them do it themselves…

Micro chips and blue pop from Aldis

Chocolate log?

Spotted dick?

(Leave the fairy cakes to Westie) :hehe:

Lasagne? Vege or Meat

Toad in the Hole?

Shepherds Pie?

Brownies/flapjacks/rockyroad/baked cheesecake/shortbread

Depends how long you’ve got really

Swiss roll :slight_smile:
It’s dead easy to mix everything up, but the art is in rolling the bad boy up

First get a bunch of veg together and get them to name what each is.
Then get them to prepare the veg, make a bunch of veggie burgers and a bunch of beef burgers. Skin on chips. Plenty of herbs and seasoning.
Also buy some jalapenos and get them all to try one :smiley:

make their own ravioli - get them to choose their own fillings

teach then to food-fight! :smiley:

Can always do eggs.

How to boil an egg - how long does it take

Scrambled eggs


or teach them to order food in foreign countries by pointing and shouting loud & slow, in English of course.

a nice simple one like i did in my first food tech; french bread pizza :smiley:

I like the egg idea. get them to do the basics, learn to cook normal food themselves!

just don’t choose anything phallic unless you have 15 mins to waste for giggling

Pasties!!! Choose their own filling - I’ll have a steak one:)

Microwave popcorn. Max 3mins, stop after first 4 seconds of non-popping.

Right up ur alley then :stuck_out_tongue:

They know the basics … i wanna be creative and i need to impress the teachers that will be watching my preformance!

And thanx for the funny/amusing ideas so far :stuck_out_tongue:

My lesson wud be over in 5 min what wud i do for the next 1hr and 55min? lol