“Now Women Can Ride Motorcycles Too!”

hahahahaha! Oh my, you are in trouble mate! The LB girls will cruxify you! lol

after they finished the vacuuming first

clearly you know nothing about women…

…we would want it in pink!

You’d want it in the where???

0 to 60 00000.0.1

Don’t need any, “track” use only.

Now now there was no need for that was there… Us ladies dont take the mickey like that do we… Coughbollockscough…

Is that how all the fair weather riders deal with their frustration?

Hmmm…it is definately butterfly season again…!!!

Im supprised how softly the girls have been with u its the machanic

Me too, they must have something special planned for him… come on ladies what are you hiding under your aprons