GirlsBike2 in Hitchin tomorrow anyone?

Matt only realised today that they stock stuff only for girls, so he’s now crying off. Any of the other lovely ladies wants to go and check their stuff out? Planning to leave mid-morning… I’m only a PM away…(sometimes followed by an ‘S’, too… )

I would, but you know, books and all - but let me know what you think Paiv as they are on my list of fun places to go come July!

You should have pinched my bum not waved! What bike did you have? Which part of the Embankment? Where did I leave you eat my dust? (Or the other way around…)

PS - How’s my filtering?

Just don’t have the bumps up front to fill their leathers

So, who’s going? I’m not necessarily going by the most direct route, as there are probably some nice roads out there.

Jackie, I didn’t go in the end because it started to bucket down here in London, so I took a nap instead!

Unless it rains next Saturday, I’m up for it, so keep that free!