What a bunch of c*nts eh? esp. girlfriends, I can only imagine the hell a wife must be!

So she dumped you then.

john u are so tacktfull sometimes!!! but has she???

ok hun tell me all about it!! iv got my cuppa and slippers on!!!

Well all men are evil, so we have to get our own back sometimes!

not all men are evil there are some noce men out there

Say what you mean mate… I had a wife… not recommended… Had someone elses wife - that was a far better experience lol

I’d second that Biggus…

and we’re not all evil…

Well not all the time anyway!

I’m lovely…

I never understood why they stopped using only female names to Hurricanes…

They work in the same way after all…

We’re not all bad - most of us probably have slight elements of psycho-ness but that’s coz you lot don’t understand us and there’s no hope in hell that I’ll ever work out how the male brain works…














drop the football bit and you’ve got me sussed

Swap the footie for rugby and add work… I think I must be a man

Not the last time I looked…

Swap the rugby/football for airsoft and its pretty much sorted

I say, you’re a handsome young fella-me-lad, ‘Bob’! (Apols to Blackadder etc…)

Actually I got the, “I met another guy, so I think we should be friends,” that’s all well and good but usually when you’ve been going out with a girl fairly steadily since august they at least give you a warning about them wanting to go mess around with another guy. A f*ckin frat guy nonetheless! Arrghhh!

Not only do I think she’s a but a worthless, no class, skanky … oh and a sl*t.

I like this section it’s a good vent.

And to Ginger Pixie, girls f*ck with guys’ heads way way way more.

I don’t think it’s fair to say that girls fck with guys heads way way more - how do you know - are you a girl? Which is why I haven’t said blokes fck with girls heads way way more… coz I’m not a bloke. But at the moment all blokes are F***** **** who can **** ********** and eat **** and **** their [quote edited]

i love men their f**king sexy - the right one that is

Stop hinting at me GP!

ok ok ok wats going on here then!!! wats everyone bovverd about

all u need is sex and good sex at that??? nothing else maters or duz it???

Well Front, at least she told you.

Some would be shagging around behind your back, get pregnant, make out it was yours…Not good

Don’t rely on just the one woman…Have an arsenal…Its always good to have some change in your pocket right

Like my old mate told me…“You have di wife, then you have something for the weekend…then you have…”