Girls Ride Out #2

Girls ride out

Oh what have I done was the thought on Sunday morning as I stumble out of the shower still holding the coffee cup Girls ride out phaa I must have had a moments laps in concentration when I agreed to this one. I must have lost it 8-00am Sunday morning oh my god riding around with a load of ladies on a Sunday.

Stumble to the workshop get the bike and off to the Ace to meet up

As I live just round the corner I get there with a bucket full of time to spare more caffeine will do it and lots of it. Sit in the Ace happy chatting to the staff at the ace 9-15 the ladies arrive the early thought of oh crap now gone looking round the group its now I am not going to make it through this a few laughs and its time to leave the safety of the car park.

Off we go a nice gentle pace towards Hanger lane and on to the A40 towards Greenford as I imagine people will want fuel for the day wrong the only bods to fill up the two bods who are suppose to know what they are doing Doh!

A small chat about pack riding (riding in a group) and we are off back on to the A40 towards Hillingdon and Uxbridge I have now settled into the idea and getting used to the thing about mirror mirror and more mirror making sure everyone is still there yep.

So its off towards Uxbridge and the winding road to Farnham and into Slough now this is the small hick up we have lost three of the riders one off them Andrew oh crap Doh crap, pull over and wait see if they catch up yep here they are wrong turn but hey we are all back as one now so off then to Windsor and park up by the river the ladies wander off for lunch and a wee bit of the shops.

About 2-00ish the ladies arrive back at the bikes time to head off back so its now Andrews tern to lead I will bring up the rear and make the attempt at stopping the cars cutting to group off.

Andrew takes the route back through towards Amersham as he is leading I leave all that bit up to him a nice mix of straights and twists we wind our way back towards the old A40.

Just get into it approaching a nice roundabout set my line up and watch a female on a 125 kick it in to the roundabout with her knee out going for it now well off line and running wide correct it and smile top girl give it some big time. Some more twisty bits and back towards the A40 we are now coming back towards the Hanger lane end of the A40 and the group can now feel the Ace café as the bikes head on back on the A406. We all arrive back at the Ace Café safe and sound.

Now did I enjoy the day ya bet ya bits I did would I do it again most deffinatley role on the next one most enjoyable day without the ego thing of ya must be on the throttle all of the time.

Ladies thank you for inviting me to be part of your day.

Mike M9Performance

Ladies if you would like to Post dates that’s is good for most of you Ride 2 will be set up.

A wee bit longer this time more chance for a bit of a blast so everyone gets some any time after 12th june as its mi bday so for me thats off

Hey, mike that did look like fun by the photos. Some roads you can enjoy much better at lower speed as you have time to see where you are and what’s around! Very nice

Thank you everybody, it was a great day out, special thanks to Paivi for organising, Andrew and Mike for making sure we didn’t get lost and generally looking after us and Weaver and Steve for showing me the route home.

Mike, wild horses won’t keep me from coming to the next ride out. I’ll cancel everything else.

Hey Ladies,

Big Thank you from me too, Mike, Andrew, Weaver, Paivi had a really good day, count me in on the next one.

Easy Rider!

No worries girls, looking forward to the next one if I’m allowed…

Yep you had your line right YOU DID NOT HAVE TO CORRECT IT I came off the line I was taking watching you When I should have been watching what I was doing

There’s always room for a derriere like yours, Liliana…

Normally, these ride-outs would be the second Sunday of each month, but due to various reasons (BMF Garden of England show & British GP), the next one is the third Sunday of June, i.e., 18 June, so keep that day free…

Can’t post a new topic at the moment, as I get booted back to the main forum page or signed-out when I try to do that. I think it’s a male conspiracy…

Good of you “ladies” to join us ladies (although the pastel clad, hat wearing Ladies of Windsor might not recognise us as such ), and give up your Sunday so we could practice our GP moves…

Thats a good date for me week after bday thats if we are allowed

Nothing wrong with your derriere, either, Michelle… Takes a bit more room than Liliana’s though, but we’ll make room!

I am all for giving honorary status to Michelle and Lilliana and inviting them to future ride outs! But Weaver what shall we call your husband?

Yeah, that sounds right!

Hi All,

Would love to attend one of the bar Cuba nights on a weds or to Chealsea Bridge maybe , one evening when the weather picks up, if anyone interested?

of course your allowed, your a tart arent you???

woooooooooooooooooooo hooooooooooooooo get you

I shall put in a request at work to make sure that’s allocated as one of my days off, shouldn’t be a problem so I’ll be there!!!

Can’t wait

So we are on for 3rd Sunday in June? Where we going? Are more men gonna join us, are we going to have a “bonding” with London Bikers day? And whats going on this coming bank hol? Hi there Andrea? email me, let me know where you live, next time i will meet up with you at yours, as i come down the 406 on way to Ace?

why does this forum keep kicking me off? i cant reply to anything !!! Humph !!!

As far as I am aware there will be London Bikers rides out there will be 6 bods on the next ride out as I put in the first post three to each group, At this mo in time where we will be going is still classiffied but you will need a full tank of fuel before we set off the start time will be about 8.30am

Hey this could be good, as i will be in the SLOW GROUP (Or leisurley group as i am sure Andrew will call it) i may have three bods all to my self, so off you go all you lot i will be taking in the view i mean scenery,

dont tell him indoors

Sorry I could not make it to this one guys but if you are doing the 3rd week of June I can defo make it to that one…