Girls Bike 2 - Open Day 22nd Oct

Some of you probably already know that Girls Bike 2 are having an open weekend next weekend. I’m going to go on the Sunday. Anybody else want to go? Perhaps could meet at the Ace and leave from there. I’ve been told there will be complimentary drinks, choccies and massage

Dunno about the drinks and choccies but Massage ???

Massage sounds good to me, when are we meeting at the ace (time on sunday)


I’m thinking 12pm meet at Ace.

Should be up for this one

i’ll be there helping out on the Sunday, so please pop by and say hi/buy some stuff!

I think I ought to clarify a few things before they get taken out of context

The promotion runs over both days, but on the Sunday Caroline from Calma will be in giving complimentary neck and shoulder massage for all the tired bikers (or whoever can push themselves to the front of the queue ). Also, there is free unrestricted parking, right outside the shop, all day on Sunday. If that’s not enough there’s also complimentary wine, soft drinks, chocs (if I remember to go to the supermarket), and a special guest appearance from Ness (starring as Granville).

You’re all very welcome to pop by, say hello and have a drink. I feel I owe you all one for the support I’ve received from this site in the last week alone.