Girl Stunters

better to look at than TerryMoto :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice find!!

what a cool bunch of girls

I wonder if they give personal tuition:)

Very cool.

Exceptionally cool. Wonder if any of them would be interested in joining LB? I might attend BM more regularly if they did :Wow:Like, every week :laugh:

good find!

they are amazing!!! and some only 5foot tall!!! wow

Thats really cool, nice to see some Girls do a bit of stunting :cool:

You should come down the stunt spot one night & check out the Girlies I normally stunt with :smiley:

details on the stun spot? :slight_smile:

does it include poles and high heels?? :stuck_out_tongue:

Was it a typo that led you to find that vid Pan? :wink:

Is she cunning?

Sorry, couldn’t resist it.

no :stuck_out_tongue: but they are stunners :smiley:

a bunch of cunning stunts…it had to be said :smiley:

The girlies he’s on about are Tugs, Jasonb, Smiled, Trackdayjunkie, megroovy, busa55 and bluelagos:D

i thought there were goning to be very short ladies in the vid…:hehe:

the only stunts you do are in carparks when you go to park your bike:D:P

What an inspiring bunch of ladeez…got me all fired up for sure :smiley: And they’re lookers to boot, with clearly some disposable income…wow…some cash thrown at those bike huh?

amazing what you can do with transexual operations these days :smiley: no lady can really do that :w00t:

Don’t worry girls, got this in hand, I’ll slap him when I next see him :slight_smile: