Girl newly passed CBT & looking for first bike! Any advise?

Hi all! Am soo excited that I have passed my CBT and am looking for my first bike. She must be sweet, loving and kick ass. I want to get some experience but take my DAS quite quickly so I can move upto bigger bikes. I passed my CBT on a Suzuki Marauder because of my 5’3" height but have been looking at sportier options too.

Now this is the big question… Do I get an decent 125 Aprilia/Honda type and spend some decent money on it or do I get something cheaper to get some experience on then pass on a bigger bike (after some lessons!) then go get a big bike?

Would love to hear some of your stories about what you did when you first passed your CBT.


Newbie Louise

Hello, welcome to LB and congrats on the passing of your CBT.

Depending on how flush you are and it’s regularity, would say dont go mad on your first bike. You will more than likely have a small fall, even if it’s just dropping it, and you wont want to see your pride and joy on the tarmac… it’s an awful feeling.

There are plenty of peeps here to give advice on bikes for shorties, good luck. The best way to improve is to get out there and practice!!!

Thanks for the welcome! Well I have saved some money up for something half decent but maybe your right about getting something that I can ever-so-slightly batter! Any ideas on good places to get one such beastie? Any recommendations on bikes that won’t fall apart on me but I can fall apart on?



When are you doing your DAS? If it’s quite soon, I would say wait to get a bike until you have done that, that way you can get a bigger bike without having to spend twice (if that makes sense).

If you are looking for something to practice on now as the DAS is a long way off, am not the best person to give advice as I did my DAS straight off and bought a 500cc.

Tricksie might be able to help.

Get down to Ace cafe tonight, am sure there will be plenty of peeps there to give advice.

welcome to LB,

for a first bike have a look on e bay!! you can get bikes dirt cheap that may need a bit of work doing, but would be perfect for a first bike, ie doesnt really matter if it meets the tarmac,

as for short people!!! there is plenty of em on here!!

Hi and welcome aboard and welcome to the world of biking.

hello and welcome!!! go for something that u wont be to worried about!!! plus if u are doing ur dass soon u need to get some funds together for a biger bike!!! so dont spend to much on it!!!

check out ebay hun thats your best bet!!!

Welll now you come to mention it…

I brought a CBR125 October 05 to start off with loved it til i started dropping the lovely little thing and lost a lot of confidence, in January i swapped it for a new CG125, loved it, easy to ride, great confidence booster, and waited til my CBT was nearly expired before i put in for my test, i passed my test on it and now have a CB400SF which i am loving to bits, i did it the way i felt comfortable with, as at 5’2" i have trouble getting on a lot of bikes…but more confident or determined people will do it a different way

Ohhh and am selling my CG125

Welcome to LB. I rode a 125 for years before I did my DAS.

My only regret is I’d wished I’d done it straight away !

Good luck with what you decide to do and get yourself to the meets.

Welcome to LB

hiya welcome to LB

hope to meet ya soon


hi and welcome to lb

i had an aprillia rs125, 2 in fact. very fast, very fragile.

blew both of them up with rebuilds costing £700+

nice to look @ but not nice to ur funds

get a cg125 cheap an cheerful

get sum road expreriance

sum no claims

do ur das

then get what ever takes ur fancy(gsxr)

Welcome to LB!!

Get a nice and fast Cagiva Supercity 125, 33bhp (although you don’t tell the police that), fast as f**k and wicked brakes!! I’ve has (and having) so much fun on mine, although they are hard to keep clean, unlike sports bikes!

And then you lose your licence (worst case scenario) or mega points (best case scenario which will up your insurance in the future as you’ll also be done for no insurance as it will be invalidated) when you get caught by a copper who knows what he’s looking at.

Then again, do your DAS as soon as and (legally) get straight on a 600.

Hey chick! Welcome to LB.

I have a CBR125 and I am only 5"3"

My big bike is a CBR 400rr and is the same height as the 125 but with enough grunt for lil ol me!!!

Come down to the meet and you can see what bikes there are, have a feel of the different heights of bikes and generally just have a nosey at what peoplem have so that can you can get an idea of what you want/looking for

See ya soon

Hi!! I’m just as bad-5’1"-AND 3/4"!!! I did my CBT on a VanVan!! Ran around on a little Chinese bike -which was cheap & did the job- for a few months before doing a 3day DAS (on a CB500, with a cut down seat…!!!) Now have a (lowered!) R6! Anyway, as long as it’s got 2 wheels & you can practice on it, that’s all you need-and I heard stories about people practicing u-turns on CBR 125 and ending up in a bush…!!! Anyway, good luck & hopefully see you about soon!

hi how you doing