hanging…no imho…
death penalty…nope…
prison…slimey walls…bare minimum conditions…and the worst hell hole on earth…thats the ticket…with as much physical and mental abuse as they see fit…;).
as for kids…a good slap around the head from a copper should be a good start…
and as for this low life kicking this dog about…
5 minutes in a pen with 3 vicous dogs should doo the trick…

I read this today and i was disgusted, i think the girl should be put in the dog pound and then let the dogs loose on he.

You can’t be f***ing serious? That’s THE MOST STUPID comment I have ever read on this forum. Are you a Nazi? Do you dream of a master race, where any undesirables are removed from society? I genuinely don’t know whether to pity you for being grossly misinformed, or to kick your arse. I’ll see you at The Cherry Trees when Los Conos are next playing and we can discuss the issue then.

And what would your answer be then chopper667?

Big man behind a keyboard Pete? You wanna remember that text doesn’t have the same inflection and tone that speech benefits from, before you start thinking about ‘kicking my arse’ and inferring that my comments are related to Nazism!

If you wanna make such accusations, I’d suggest you brush up on your Nietzsche - the 19th century philosopher who formed the idea of the master race - it wasn’t a Nazi invention at all. It’s just a fact that Hitler was as mental as Nietzsche and so bastardized his philosophy to his own twisted end.

Oh, and maybe if you’d read the previous time I mentioned Darwin on here - you’d know I was referring to this site:

The Darwin Awards

Which chronicles how the inanely dumb members of humanity have met their demise.

However, if you still don’t get it and wanna try and follow through on your threat, Los Coños are playing at The Cherries on 3rd May - come say ‘hello’. :kiss:

That aside, if you wanna continue this ‘debate’, I suggest you do it via PM.

FFS sake chill out fellas! Crikey! :crazy: This dog kicking thing is spiralling out of proportion!!! :wink:

Hehe… sorry dude - got my hackles up - I don’t take kindly to being threatened - especially not when someone’s gotten hold of the wrong end of 2 sticks and made 5 :ermm:

See - I’m even mixing my clichés now! :smiley:

Handbags. :smiley:

would love to be in a debating society with some of you guys, I am sure it would end in global thermo nuclear war…some of us (and I use the royal us advisedly) seem unable to accept other peoples views or the fact that they have the right to those views, and still beleive in the ‘I am bigger than you so do as I say’ syndrome, I call it the Bush Syndrome…old hat now…and it doesnt work…the majority will prevail sadly in many cases…

Yes, that is correct - I am a big man behind a keyboard, but I am a bigger man in front of it, as I can put my hands up to doing something stupid and getting caught up in something that means a lot to me. I shouldn’t have gotten involved in this thread. There’s loads of people on here who have very differrent opinions on many topics. I don’t want to kick anyone’s arse in reality. I was quite wound up with what was going on for me at the time and I shouldn’t have made those comments. See you at the Cherry Trees on the 3rd.

Nicely put fella :wink:

Fair enough - apology accepted and reciprocated ;)Got my own $hit going on at the mo and had a red mist moment :PAye - catch up with you then - should be a good gig - they’re doing some new songs so they’re bound to **** it up :smiley:

ah this is so sweet… it proves what i say about this place,we are all damn responsible adults on here and people can admit they have been wrong…well done to one all, well i am patting myself on the back anyway…:smiley:

Not heard a more true comment for ages, Here here. I will not stand by and watch an animal being abused. I couldn’t work for the RSPCA, I’d be sacked or arrested for GBH within a year!

i’m all for strong punishments and deterrents but the death penalty…?? no way.

what happens when the courts make a mistake?
do they just say sorry and pay compensation??

if life sentences actually meant life(in harsh,austere surroundings) then wouldn’t that be an acceptable maximum punishment.

Too many mistakes and fit ups over the years to justify the death penalty - although I have sympathy with the emotion that demands it.

This is a very emotive subject, and it’s gone from a girl abusing a dog to the death penalty, a tad harsh.
We are probably all from different backgrounds with different upbringings, social and political affiliations etc. We’re all going to have very differing views. Lets just accept that people will have different views without the need to resort to calling each other out.
The story is shocking but unfortunately happens every day, just so happens this time it was videoed. We can punish her sure, and rightly so but it’s not getting to the root cause of why people act this way, and I doubt we ever will.

Agree mate, and sure there have been some monumental cock ups. I was thinking more along the lines of these sick people that get caught red handed and then maybe plead insane and then get locked up at our expense for the rest of their lives. If as you say there was a stronger penalty then maybe these idiots would think twice.

Now who has a couple of pitbulls and a pit:D

if id of seen her id of punched her in the throat. no abuse is right regardless. as for the “theres a reason she done it” like abuse etc, please!!! no one made her do it other then herself, if shes to retarded to not know right from wrong theres no hope for her. id of liked for her to kick my dog, shed be walking home on her stump the fat turd!!!

theres my 2 p worth and relax :smiley:

Dont think anyone was implying this girl be given the death penalty, would maybe be a tad harsh :w00t::hehe: perhaps the death penalty discussion should continue in Current Affairs…