Anyone read the Sun or any newspaper about the girl caught on video taking a neighbours dog for a walk simply to kick the crap out of it? Err hello??? How many of these sick kids, turn out to be child killers? First a defenceless animal, next someones baby !!! When are we going to get this right? All the parents are saying is “we are shocked to see this”…no mate, you aint shocked to see that, you’re shocked someone videod it, she got caught and now ur asses are going to be under fire (i hope so anyway) !!!Let someone take HER for a walk and slap the fat off the bitch!

I’m not a bleeding heart liberal - but people that behave like this usually have been subjected to some kind of abuse themselves. I wouldn’t be suprised if it turns out that the girl has been bullied herself at school or in the home.

Very true but if she did this to my dog I would take her for a walk & kick her ass!

Truly shocking:( bring back punishment for kids…i mean c’mon kids know they can get away wiv it nowadays we’ve all gone to effing soft, if my generation had carried on like they do nowadays well lets just say i’d have felt the harsh side of me ol mans belt!!

Well, why don’t we bring back hanging? That would solve loads of problems, wouldn’t it?

Sid’s got the right idea… it’s the root of the problem that needs to be addressed. Kids need unconditional love and support; the education system needs to be drastically overhauled to recognise and provide alternative teaching methods for kids who don’t respond well to the old academic systems. Plus the government should recognise that if both parents are out working, the kids aren’t going to get the kind of family environment that would help them feel secure in this world. But of course both parents are paying tax, plus the childminder is paying tax. Nice little earner for the government. A poor start in life is inevitably an indicator of behavioural maladaption. My wife works with young offenders and severely damaged individuals in a secure unit, who for the most part cannot read or write. It’s almost as if they’ve thrown away the key… it must be the epitome of frustration to be unable to express yourself in ways that most of us take for granted.

So back to hanging - it would reduce unemployment (hangmen, carpenters,etc. would be needed, thus improving the economy), reduce the carbon footprint, reduce the population crisis, give papers like the Sun something different to gossip about, and open up the opportunity for some specialist cable tv channels to start new dedicated hanging programs! And of course our streets would all be safer, and the world would be a lovely fluffy place.

What you are effectively saying is that if you beat your kids for doing something wrong, they will all grow up to be decent and law-abiding citizens?

Nope, dont think she was saying that at all, but i think she was saying that today, kids more or less run their parents and not the other way round, as half the “parents” are coke heads or just left school themselves, cant be asked to bother what their kids got up to or even ate that day. I know what you are saying and given that there ARE children who dont have the same start in life and not through fault of their parents, but prob lack of knowledge and money, and the partents are prob hard working etc…this case is clearly NOT that way…this kid, was/is surely bullied at school or at home, and she should be stopped from being allowed a pet or walking neighbours or anyones pet…as i said, this can lead to child abuse later…another Allitt or whatever her name was who became a nurse and killed kids?..or any other child whos had this seed of hate festering in their heads for years with no guidance from parents or those in authority…seen so many times today…Social services need to get on this family and find out the background as to why shes doing this and yes i think it IS because she feels control over the animal so can hurt it like shes being hurt, she cant hit back at whoevers doing it to her so she does it this way…she could even be abused sexually for all we know…but im not going to feel sorry for her until we know a bit more? For now all i can see is this child beating crap out of a poor dog that looked like it knew it was going to get it cos shed done it before! What if that dog was a baby she was “taking for a walk” and began hitting? How would its mother know?

I agree, some kids these days will only understand a good belting. Used to work wonders when I was at school in Scotland. When it was abolished all the idiots ran wild and disrupted lessons and did themselves no favours.

Yes, bring back the case, the belt or whatever the modern equivelent is.

So why don’t we have Hanging then?

I don’t see a problem with it myself, maybe we should do as some country’s do and if you are caught stealing then you lose a hand:w00t: It will def stop people thinking about doing it knowing the consequences. As it stands at the moment they talk back to you knowing you are not able to do anything about it and if you do then you are more likely to get the book thrown at you…

I also believe we should have National Service back, ok maybe the Armed services would not intitially like idea but i believe that it would bring respect and a sence of pride back to young people.

In some ways i agree with Wasp and that when i was a kid if i had done anything wrong then not onlyu would i get dealt with a home but more than likely from who ever caught me. It was a regular thing in schools to get the ruler across the back of the hand or even a belt across the arse, but i tell you this it made you think twice about doing anything wrong.

I see the problem coming from the parents/parent, they have no respect for the law and so their kids see this and act in the same manner. I think there is a film out there called Stupidity that basically shows what happens when intellectual couples decide not to have children and instead the not so clever people do and how this escalates over time so that all we are left with as a planet are stupid people…

Youngsters have no respect for the world they are living in and feel they are able to do what ever they like, and the rest of us have to take it. If i was to see a kid kicking a dog or any other animal, kicking a baby or very small child then i would happily cuff them and take then straight down the Police station. These things need standing up to and believe me with 2 teenage children of my own they DO know what is right and what is wrong, and if either of them got caught for doing anything wrong i would happily tell the Police to lock them up for a night or so.

Ok enough of my rambling, i just think if there was a “real” deterant then we would see less of this in our lives.

I was walking along the other day and see this fella walking his dog. all of a sudden the dog stopped, put his front paws up on the wall and started to have a wee. I said to him “i’ve never seen a dog wee like that before, thats really strange. how longs he been doing that?” The fella replied “ever since the wall fell on him” :stuck_out_tongue:

On a serious note, animal abuse is something i can’t stand and personally I’d like to see a couple of dogs set on her - see how she likes it.

back to the old hang 'em argument.

amputation and hangings obviously work because in countries with the death penalty or sharia law,and the such, crime has vanished totally


On a serious note, animal abuse is something i can’t stand and personally I’d like to see a couple of dogs set on her - see how she likes it.+1

I’m with you PJ…this countries Justice system (or lack or of it) is laughed at! There is no deterrent so nothing to worry about the consequences of ones actions.

+1 Good post PJ:)

Mate it’s never ever going to vanish completely because there is always going to be some muppet that thinks they can get away with it.

You have a son and i bet he knows whats right and wrong, but say he was caught doing something like the above what would you do as a parent?

my punishment would be severe and he wouldnt be able to sit down for a week.
but i wouldnt get him nicked.

May i ask why?

I have a good way to punish criminals…

Get some kind of League, make it age 10 to 16 and teach them to kick ass proeprly, then take them around anyones house that did something wrong and let the kids beat the **** out of them…

Sorted… the justice system won’t touch the kids as they are under 18 and they can make excuses why they had to do it…

Even better, I’ll have 5 kids all twins:) teach them kick boxing, next time someone tries to steal the bike drag them inside the house hold the assholes down and let the kids beat them up:) sorted… what can the justice system to against the kids if the person tried to get inside the house??

If anybodys brat did that to my dog…then by god the parents would get a hiding for not teaching thier little “darlings” respect and see how they like it :angry:

How is the application for Lord Chief Justice coming along Andrei?


And hence we eliminate the muppets from the gene pool and over time, they become the exception and not the rule - that’s man-made Darwinism for ya, and it works!