Gingers story so far

Gingers life story up till now will be makin its big screen bollywood debut next year, here is a small trailer of whats to come…

Funny as ****!

I’ve been playing on that site for half the day.


PMSL …flats u make me laugh ( as per usual )

More like this:

i like it anil

This bit is where Ginger gets some bad news, girls you might need a tissue


FLATS this is possibly the funniest thing I have seen on the net for ages…

Thank-you! Once again you bring happiness to many and misery to Ginge!

Nice one!!!

love it

when i first read this and watched the clips i thought you were being a bit hard on poor old ginger, but then i thought “does ginger deserve this sort of crap?”

F##kin yeah corse her does. nice one people

hahahaha…ere lets av a go at this…


aaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!! ****ing work computers wont let me watch this or download the player thingy??? i wanna see it i wanna see it i wanna see it???

OMG! Smiled that is so funny

what a shame adam this would brghten up anyones day

I like it all they did bring a smile to my face

pmsl - you lot are gonna get me sacked. Accounting is not supposed to be making me laugh out loud.

you laugh now…?..

im learning that dance for flats birthday…hahahahaha!!!

roll on…roll on…!!!


Who ya gonna be swinging round by her leg ???

This scene could possibly spell relationship problems for Ginger