GingerBarro Promotions

Introooducing…The Heavyweight Ginger Biker and his sidekick Barro !!!

We are now in planning stages of another great “Feel Good Factor Event”

Right off the back of our oh so successfull weekend we are now ready to put the crew back in motion.

This time its all going to be home grown and the wheels are in motion.

Our adopted charity is London Air Ambulance and thats going to be our ultimate goal…not the LAA itself…but the guys and girls that man it…operate it…stay over the Christmas Period to make sure the likes of people in need get the service they supply !!…

What better than a in Association with London Underground Limited

London Charity Ride Through to give these Guys and Gals a Personal Christmas present from us…

from us to the Real Deal Men and Women that give up there Christmas to man the service !!!

In formation…as we do so well !!!

Stopping at all the Main Stations (Central London) for a Personal Fund Raising Collection (BOXES SUPPLIED) and then on to the base at Whitechapel to present the Staff with a personal Christmas Gift from us to them !!!

Arrangements are already in progress…Management of London Underground have shown very keen interest over the past two weeks and Im going to need a lot of help with meetings, presentation to them and a lot…a lot of presentation in the way of Health and Safety Plans.

We,ll do all the ground work for you in relation to contacting Councils and Mp,s to get permission, I,ll deal with Station Management and The Health and Safety Board of Directors and everything else that will arise.

This ones our one…

Our chance to do something just before Christmas…making sure that it doesnt co-inside with any other dates and events and we will do it just as well as we did this weekend !!

This will be great …along with all the mail shots I,ll put through the internal system and the bikers that work on the company…it will be another stormer for and our charity to heart.

Let the planning go forth and the fun begin !!!

Stay Tuned A-Team !!!

Listing in General !!!