Please watch it again as that’s the different version:w00t::w00t:


be careful arnie, they might have a go at you to…


i wont mention names, but some people have no sense if houmour…

och yeah I know that :stuck_out_tongue: that’s why the video is about only 1 ginger the one you know :smiley:

lol ive read through the recent posts and i think this comment is childish to say the least.
Get over it and move on.

bbbooooo wwwooooo!!!

your all forgetting im only 20! most of you are old enough to be my parents!

maybe thats got something to do with it?!

Arnie that was brilliant.:smiley:

oi no arguments here.

I’m 22 which is almost the same.

tattooist250chick shall we open some ‘atni-oldies club’ :smiley:

can i join?:cool:

i think thats a good idea arnie, theres plenty of them on here!!!

and maybe open one with no sense of hourmour, that would be full!!! :smiley:

no one would laugh tho

very true! they’d be right at home!

moan moan moan!!!

what would be the age which would qualify people as not oldies ?

should we buy domain and set our own forum ?:slight_smile:
or just new section on londonbikers :slight_smile:


See those old people . . . that’s you that is ! :slight_smile: Arnie, Steve and Stacey sat round watching Corronation Street . . . :P:D

anyone fancy some tea and victoria sponge?

lol how sad.

you dont even know me…

lol thats class :smiley: