Gilles rearset & rear brake MC setup!

I have got this question by e-mail:


I just wanted to ask if you had a close up picture of the right hand
side Gilles Rearset with the heel plate removed? Im having trouble
installing mine and want to see where everything goes. Anything you can offer
would be very much appreciated!


Quarkz, I have just came back from my garage and I toke this pics for you:





Don’t forget the little spacer that goes with the screw and obviously the nut! (I put a little red arrow for you there)




My god Cezar, I’ve never seen your ZX6 so dirty!!!

I took rain Jay! I’m so upset! It should never had taken rain… I hate it! I thought it was going to be dry and I went out for a ride!! Should be on my scooter or on the little Honda for that!

Thankyou Cezar! I really appreciate this.

Some quick questions; Did you have to cut the line that goes from the brake resvoir to the cylinder? I can’t get mine to bed around enough to attach the cylinder to the rearset. Also, the holes that the allen bolt goes through to secure the cylinder and the heel plate to the rearset aren’t big enough for the bolts supplied. Either that or I’m missing some bolts.

Thanks again for the pictures - they are fantastic!

Welcome to LB Quarkz! I bought this bike brand new and put the rearset, steering dumper and most of the accessories you see there on the deal and fitted! I’m not sure about the way that line was fitted, but I know that some of the bolts were changed and the nuts as well. The fit is really tied Quarks, this morning when I took the heel plate out to take the pics for you it was quite hard to put back to the place again. If you come out tomorrow with us to Soho, you can see it by yourself!

Well, I’d love to join you guys but unless I attach floaties to my handlebars and swim over I don’t think I’m gonna make it from Australia! I figured out the problem and it’s kind of annoyed me. I couldn’t get anything to match up nor fit the screws in the hole so I did a little bit of rasping to get the holes in line so now the inside of the holes have the gold rasped down.

I studied the pictures more closely and realised that these aren’t even the right rearsets!


Partslist #14
In book: UHB04
Mine: UHB05

Everything is right except that one part. How should I go about getting the right one? I got these rearsets from a really nice guy in Seattle. He really wen’t out of his way to get them for me so I don’t really wan’t to complain. Should I contact Gilles directly? The box and the manual I got with them says for ‘Kawasaki ZX636R, ZX6RR, ZX636K Bj./Yr 03-’ so I have the right rearsets but one part isn’t right.




Ugh! I see it now! It all depend where you bought it from? You can find parts for it in the Gilles dealers but I think it will cost dear to you. Have you tried the Ebay yet? Some people have accidents with them and the bit you want would easily ‘survive’ it! Tomorrow I will ask Jay to look into it for you, he has some good ‘magic’ ways to find wierd things on the net, lol ! Going to bed now it’s really late…

Australia? you are better there mate! Here is cold and dump!