Gigs people are going to?

So i’ve been in London nearly six months and i’ve not been to any decent gigs. OMG! :w00t: I’m going to see Down soon, but what are/do people fancy seeing? I woudn’t mind seeing any decent bands, seeing as Download’s lineup seems pretty lame so far. Actually quite want to see StoneSour. I know it’s not slipkot, but he’s still amazing!

Any one want to go see anyone, or going anywhere I can tag along!?

Suicidal Tendencies w/ Infectious Grooves - 10th April at the Mean Fiddler. Definitely going to see Down as well! :w00t:

You could come to one of my band’s gigs! :wink: We’re playing the Purple Turtle in Camden on 17th March (St Patricks Day too :D). If you fancy it let me know and I can bring down tickets at a BM meet. Some tracks for listenage:

I’m going to see Jimmy Eat World next Monday at Brixton Academy.

Oh and recently saw The Pigeon Detectives, The Enemy and Reverend & The Makers.

Going to see Turin Brakes tomorrow night at Cadagon Hall, really wanted to see Band of Horses that are playing too, but i never got treated to the tickets :crying:

Showing my age but I’m going to see The Cult next weekend…yeah baby;)

band of horses. they’re alright they are.

recently been to see verve a couple of times (last year). brian jonestown massacre and the beasties too. got neil young on march 9th. maybe radiohead in the summer but juggling that with glastonbury, pending tickets and whether they’re playing. such a good band. put everything else in the shade at the mo.

a LOT of crap around at the mo sadly. most of it masquerading as indie. very disappointing output of bands from a nation with an otherwise proud heritage.

Get yourself down to Brixton Academy March 14th.

Going to see The Mars Volta… can’t wait!:smiley:

When are stonesour playing? Def want to see them, different, but I reckon just as good as Slipknot, you heard jump the f**k up ?

Ween - Sheperd’s Bush Empire in May.

Oh yes, enjoy. seen em 3 times i think brixton academy.
wots line up? is it just astbury? was gonna go but just not same.

The witch live, ooooooohhhhhhhh + everything else, lol.

was greatest band on earth.

had an invite for sin city tonite but i dont have the cash :frowning:

plus im a bit flu’ed up! have to go another night, your welcome to tag along;)

I don’t know, I’ve had a look but can’t find any dates for any gigs. No I don’t think I have?

Sin city??

yah club night, cant remember where it is!!! google it!

I thought it was a Bruce Willis film:w00t:

Usually held at the electric ballroom I think.

Last time I was there I saw the misfits, great band usually but it was a really **** performance.

thats teh one! knew it was in camden somewhere:w00t:

Oh you mean Singed City;):smiley:

I though it was a comic;)