Ghostrider arrested?

i’m not sure but doesnt look like his bike though

Even if it was him what are they going to do him for? They need to catch him in the act.

well i guess its cause he has been taunting the police everywhere for a long time now…

Motorcycle videos

Got a few of his DVD’s. Fruit-cake.

he didnt have a license plate, and then he told them it was a race machine, and they let him off.

I dont think its the real Ghost rider they got. I can`t see him doing an interview in a public place knowing that the old bill are after him.

Ghost rider never had a tinted windscreen…

A real GhostRaider i think is from USA but i’m not sure about that but he is riding tuned Hayabusa without fairings so it’s definitely not this one.

wasnt goshtrider named when he broke the wheelie record(on the mean busa)),i’m sure i read his name in MCN…

it might be him,who knows? probably just busted him for no plate,as has been said.

maybe they didnt even know it was him at the time!

If that is him then its a very old clip, he is on a K3/K4 there.

He has been riding a turbo charged K5 for a couple of years now.

I thought he hung up his lid after the 210MPH wheelie?

Hes got a kid now…

Rumer has it hes a copper ??