Ghost Rider

Saw some clips of Ghost Rider the other day,

Saw that he goes really fast …

… but only in a straight line…

Wassamatter? Do his ghostly powers not extend to chassis, tyres or centrifugal force control?

Need to know

Apparently he’s a very handy rider, and not just in a straight line. And he can do genuine 200mph wheelies! I’d buy him a pint.

I’ll just have to wait to see the whole thing then

No need to buy him a pint Fridayman …

…he prefers Spirits…

Watched it . . . held my interest for about 15 minutes . . . its RUBBISH . . . tossy story & badly acted . . . dont waste your money . . .

Straight line?

He can rid up walls and over water, he has no need to go round corners, and anyway if he crashed on a corner he would still live, he is undead! lol

Which Ghostrider are we talking about here…?

The one I’m talking about ran into some trouble with the cops recently -

I wish i spoke german, that would have made way more sense :S

looks like the reporters grasses him in, just for a sit on his bike… lol

his name it Patrik - he has his own bike tuning company, has a Busa tuned to over 700BHP, but it runs once and dies, has a genuine Bust tuned to about ~650 that runs just… silly :S famed for his antics, a lot of them are staged, but he isss 38, if i recall and has been riding bikes 34 years :S

… not that I’m a fan innocent whistle

…also lets never speak of Nicholas Gage destroying ghost rider, I wish he’d f’off and stick to making **** car films rather than bumping into our world… i hope some hells angels eat him

And I was so looking forward to seeing it to. Guess its another case of the trailer showing the best bits again huh?

Not like the good old days of Pearl and Dean and the summer blockbusters! What happened to all that!

saw it last night… its nt actually to bad, the special affect are good and the story line aint o bad, u really get into it after a while,

but… the bike he rides when he isnt ghost rider looks like a 125 but sounds like a 1000???