Getting to Dover from Soho after work on Thursday

On Thursday I’ll be leaving work at Oxford Circus shortly after 4:30 to get to somewhere near Dover, and hence I’ll be crossing the river and going far beyond Bankside so I’m not really sure what I’m doing.

All panniered up (and perhaps with a non-functioning thermostat) what’s likely to be the least-annoying route? I’m thinking Elephant and Castle and then the A201, A20, M20 - does that sound not-daft? Dover’s always at least twice as far away as it should be, so any attempt at not-boring roads will be had at the other end of the route.


Avoid Elephant and Castle, loads of work going on.

Perhaps best going out on the A13, and then M25/A20/M20?

Ah, cheers! I recall arguing about the merits of that on here now… :slight_smile:

A13’s probably pretty ideal, then - I can check out the tunnel as I approach it. Never know, it might not be stationary :slight_smile:

elephant is fine most nights I go through it every day
the A13 can be a right pain in the arse for filtering
ive done the exact route to the datford crossing many a time from nine elms

I always use the A2/M2, a lot less lorries and just as quick.

yer I always use the A2/M2 as well, it is boring but then so is the A20/M20 but I always find the A2/M2 flows really well.

can’t comment on the 20 as I only used it once when I went the wrong way out of dover

There’s a good chance the A13 will be chocker, but it’s usually ok for filtering through. Tower Bridge -> Limehouse will probably be moving ok-ish at that time too. Much of it is wider than the A12 and no lights/roundabouts to clog things up. It usually frees up a bit once past Dagenham (and 70mph limit). However there’s road works and a 40 section around the M25 junction. At least the toll booths are now bypassed on QE2 bridge going South.

A4, M4, M25, M26, M20. At least you’ll be moving.

Oxford Circus to the A20 is a ball ache and the start of the A20 is single carriageway with lots of traffic lights.

LOL @ Joby

Maybe via the A93 would be a better twist, that’s always moving and you can pull a couple of G’s to boot

If high winds bad weather etc dont forget to feature in operation stack !

A13 may as well head south at the Blackwell Tunnel and cut out most of east London, Essex and M25. A102M takes you straight to A2/M2 and living that side my preferred route to Dover.

Ah yeah, it’s only a campsite I’ve to get to so timing’s not hugely important (I’ve pondered attempting to sit out the traffic). Think I’ll whack it down Embankment/A13 and keep an eye on a traffic map to see whether I should turn right at the tunnel. Thanks guys!r