Getting to Donny

We’re having to drive from London and I know that the traffic is going to be awful. Anyone got any top tips about how to avoid it, or is it just evitable?

Go by bike and practice filtering. Failing that, look at a map and try and plot a course that avoids the traffic. Perhaps get up on the A14 and work your way across. Or take the A5, used to ride up there for track days and always used to do the A5.

Stay at home and watch it on the tele as you will see more lol

Half the fun is seeing it live then watching it when you get home

Used the A5 from Birmingham last night and it was a blast but it was after 6.

Avoid M1 at all costs Matt. You’ll die there…



The last time I went to a bike race was the old WSB races at brands it poured with rain and Falappa (how do you spell his name) was running away with it in the wet. All I remember is getting soaked, cold and every now and again a bike would come by so fast you didnt know who it was and the loudspeakers kept cutting out so you had no idea who was in what position. Pants IMO lol

If you trust her with Mini Mo, I can trust you with the Duchess… Let me know asap if you need her.

Terry, you need to go hospitality. Far better that way

Thanks Paivi that’s very kind but she doesn’t have a license Got to get that sorted

hire a helicopter.

£3k to go via chopper, the rotary kind

And? What’s the problem?

I’ve got two licences, I can sell one to Connie…