Getting SV650S back on the road

Hi everyone, 

It’s been a while since I’ve been here. I had a slipped disc followed by spinal surgery which meant that I couldn’t ride anymore :( 

Good news is that I am finally well enough to ride and plan on putting my SV650 back on the road. Being a bike newbie, I’m not too sure how to go about this as it’s been sitting in front of my house for over a year. 

I was wondering whether someone can recommend a mechanic (and probably transportation for the bike) in the south east london area (I live in SE6) to get it road worthy. 


Hi there. Just type in google maps “motorcycle repair” you’ll see quite some repair shops in your area. Call’em up. Some repair shops have van’s and for a fee can come pick it up. Plus on google maps you get to see reviews of some shops. Hope this helps. 

Heyy I’m not having trouble finding repair shops, I was really after a recommendation. 

charge the battery check the fluids & see if it starts

the main problem will be brake fluid absorbing water 

oil will absorb water but it takes longer & to a lesser extent

if it starts & runs fine take it to a mechanic
not being from London I use FWR 

& I also  found this bloke to sort my bike out a few weeks back & would recommend him his name is Fabrice & he place is called Motard Motorcycle Servicing I also believe he collects

he can be found at 1 Granville Rd, London SW18 5SB

i can recommend you the OMC in vauxhall and Scorch in Watford.  i think both can organize pick ups.

Same as Silver6 south London OMC North London Scorch :sunglasses:

That’s good to know mate. I thought he stopped trading but good to know he still about

That’s good to know mate. I thought he stopped trading but good to know he still about

MAD-DOG Dhofty
got to admit even tho he is French he is a very helpful bloke