Getting scarier from here....

Well got passed freefall 1 which is a 4 sec delay… Same as freefall 2 which i did today… Tomoz im onto 10 second freefall… Thats gona be scary and awsome fun… Your pretty much at terminal velocity in that time which is 120mph… Get 2 GATW at that and then its onto 15 seconds, cant wait…

Imagine falling through the air at 120mph :w00t::cool::smiley:

You’ll love it. Freefall feels as though you’re floating - it rocks!

I did a AFF course in the 90’s. Where are you doing your training.

It is awesome, only had 4 seconds of it so far but that last jump was ace… Im doing it out here in Germany in Bad Lippspringe… And the best thing is its costing me nothing :smiley:

Oh well done that man. I paid for my freefall training when I’d become a civvie. :frowning:

Cheers :wink:

Ive done 2 10 second freefall jumps now and im doing my first 15 second one today. Today is my last day here but hopefully by the end of it i will have done my 2 15 second jumps and my turns jump :cool:

What a feeling :smiley:

What with your experience with dogs and all…

How does a blind parachutist know when he’s about to hit the ground? He just waits til the dog’s lead goes slack.

freefall @ 120 is not the problem, it is hitting the ground at 120 :sick:

Freefall is awesome - got one booked on 23rd… can’t wait.

7wheel - that’s gross! How are you anyway? Haven’t seen you around Highbury for ages :slight_smile: Q

Not so bad thanks. You still tearing around Crouch End?

Yep still tearing around full stop :slight_smile:

Catch you soon? Q

I kind of did that at Paddock Hill, no shute just tarmac and gravel:w00t:Sounds like awesome fun fella, shame i’m petrified of heights:P

Have fun Quiller…

I got to within 4 jumps of being qualified. Just gota find time to get them in, well thats aslong as i dont mess any of them up and have to repeat them…

My last jump was from 6200ft were i was in freefall down to 3500ft… was amazing and such a rush