Getting Reg number from a vin plate?

Hey chaps - Its been a few years without a bike…

Short story - I went to see a car at a breakers and it just wasn’t for me but on the way out I see a couple of bikes and a quick deal was made!

This place sells all spares or repairs stuff… MOT failures etc

Anyway; Both bikes bought on a whim during my lunch break!

Keys present but batteries dead so didn’t get to start them.

The deal also included delivery… Its only around the corner anyway.

Now although I got a receipt I didn’t get any further paperwork with the bikes.

One of the bikes has a reg plate - one doesn’t…

How would I get hold of the reg number?

I need to send off a couple of V62’s to get V5’s in my name.

Cheers Rob!

Have some pics!

Can’t you just send the v62 with just the vin number to get the reg on the new v5?

Im told they will reject my application without both the VIN and REG.

You just need the vin number I’m not sure what form it is but the last time I done it for one of my cars I had to trailer the car to the local DVLA office for them, to check it and they issued an age related reg that day as the previous Reg was being used by another car ( the car was 40years old ) but if the Reg is still with the vin number you get it back

Haven’t they closed all the local DVLA offices? Not sure who would now do the inspection unless VOSA do it.

Do a HPI check with the VIN… :cool:

All the HPI checks ive tried require a REG…

ooh, maybe its just for trade accounts. :ermm:

EDIT: Did you ask why it doesn’t have the reg plate? Has it already been reported as scrapped?

To be honest I dont know why there isnt a reg plate… Its too good to scrap…

Ive now done a check on the Z550 and all clear… So I will now send off for the V5.

Im still getting stuck with a Vin for the FZR and no Reg number… After further research it seems I need to find someone with a HPI trade account?

Ok so is this the VIN? The reason I ask is that all VIN checkers are asking for a 17 digit number?

The 4JH*** number is also stamped direct on the frame also?

4JH is the model FZR600

the rest would be the chassis number (VIN)

Yes, the VIN is in 2-3 places on the bike, usually all have it on the headstock - turn wheels to left and look here;

Have a look at this WEBSITE for the exact VIN location for your bike. :slight_smile:

@Markie76 The same 4JH*** is marked on the headstock also?

Ive tried the website but I think its down?

So the 001785 is my VIN number? Or I havnt found it yet and must be 17 digits?

Old bikes don’t have 17 digit chassis numbers

Most FZR600R in 94-95 came with datatag fitted (plus micron cans). Look for a YID number on mirrors or fairings and then call datatag to help you out.

All Yamahahas since 1982 have 17 digit VIN numbers

4JH-001785 is the frame serial number, you’ll also find an engine serial number, something like 4JH-001785, stamped directly into the crankcase. The frame and engine serial numbers may or may not match depending on the mo’cycles history.

The 17 digit VIN should be stamped directly into the right side of the headstock and it’ll look something like JYA4JHSOXPA017785

If you can’t find the VIN on the headstock check the right hand frame spar.

Just checked the Honda VIN, seemed like a good idea, made in Italy :ermm:

Thanks Art - The same number is also stamped on the headstock and the engine.
Ive had all the panels off and I cant see any further numbers!?