Getting ready for summer

Hi everybody. My name is Katrina… (damn I feel like my first day at school again) :smiley:
**… and I’m in love with SV’s - especially the fully faired, blue tinted silver ones with angel eyes.

It’s nice to join you guys and girls.

Tequila on the bar for everyone**


Hello and welcome to LB:D

Hi and welcome aboard.

Who’s nicked the salt?:smiley:

Hi and welcome:)

Nice touch for the tequila, thanks. No lemon or salt though, just on its own. Welcome and hello :slight_smile:


Hi Aqua and welcome, look forward to see you on your new SV1000 soon. Get well soon. x

Welcome aboard :wink:

It will be another couple of months before I get the SV1 but I’m sure I’ll be on it in time for all the nice rides to come

Thank you for all the hellos.

Ok, heres a few lemons with a pinch of salt…

I wouldn’t call an SVThou a lemon;):smiley:


welcome …mines a jd:)

But you’ll have to gargle-mix it yourself …