Getting new bike next week

Well put a deposit down on it this morning , Brand new with a deal that includes Def Com Catergory 2>1 Alarm Upgrade and a Free restrictor Kit , and the guy managed to find the perfect licence plate which includes xj together :smiley: well if your wondering what it is look below, can’t wait to get it:w00t:

Sweet looker :):):slight_smile:

does look sweet man, just hope its got a better engine than an FZ6:D

when you picking it up?

Great looking bike mate - make sure you stick some crash bungs on it. :wink:

You lucky person.

Very nice indeed. I think they’ve done a great job on that bike

im very jealous :smiley:

As things stand I’m waiting for the cheque to clear for the bike i’ve got now which should clear by thursday next week , then I should be able to pick the bike up on saturday afternoon , I was looking at the Yamaha r6 few weeks earlier at same dealer which was a 07 plate with 15,000 miles on the clock , so just glad I didn’t rush into things and this happened to come along a great price as well 4,500… , also the insurance group is very low I’ve been getting quotes of around the 400 to 600 quid mark fully comp and I’m only 20 but got 4 years no claim , also I mainly use the bike for work so does the job , finally going with a reliable make which I should of done from the start, colours come in yellow , silver and black , so considering i got black and red leathers made sence to go for black , anyways hopefully go down ace a lot more and show it off :smiley:

Nice choice.

I have to agree, the XJ6 does look really good – Enjoy!

Looks like a nice bit of kit mate !

March 1st will see the 09 reg, I take it you are not waiting?

Great choice of bike though, been thinking of selling my Fazer 1000 for one of those.


ive been calling this FZ1jnr :wink: