getting married?

this guy had his wedding ride cut like a Pirelli supercorsa.



I thought mine was different! Titanium wrapped in carbon fibre


I like that, Curtis. Where from?

RPS Jewellers in Hatton Gardens

Exactly like a supercorsa, slips and comes off in the wet…

Ha ha ha… Nice one centurion.

Great idea, I can make that! 

do a series Sneaky. bet there’s GS owners who’d love a knobbly one

Yes we are,  any advice will be entertained.

One should also check it hasn’t taken an unexpected screw or similar, is not cracked and will warm up on demand.

Nice touch :slight_smile:


I just hope it lasts longer than the tyres do.

Just got married i sardinia…

Nice one! I really love the sense of humour in this forum :slight_smile: