Getting insured with convictions!

Hello all

Am seriously thinking of getting an r1 on the 0% finance deal, but so far havent been able to obtain a quote(only tried bennetts)

i do have a criminal conviction of abh which i served 12 months for in 2004 and just been banned for 28 days for speeding(sp30) at the start of the year, 0 penalty points.

My questions are

  1. why the hell does criminal cons affect your bike or car insurance?

  2. any advice on who to phone for insurance, only had full licence 20 months

  3. how long do i have to disclose my crim con and driving offence for?

many thanks

I don’t work in the insurance industry, but as far as I’m aware :-1 - They ask about criminal convictions to establish how honest you are i.e. someone with convictions for theft/dishonesty offences is likely to make fraudulent claims etc, and I believe that they consider people with criminal records more likely to be victims of crime.2 - I would phone all the companies who advertise in the back of MCN. A lot of them advertise that they will cover people with convictions.3 - Technically they shouldn’t be able to use your criminal convictions if they’ve been ‘spent’ however I think it depends on the exact question they ask you. The link below may help The driving convictions are a lot harder to argue against as they have a clear link to the insurance you are buying…but I think there is an explanation on the above web page about that too.Good Luck, but I think it’s going to be expensive

hows it going dude? :smiley:

  1. almost everything affects urinsurance quote…from if u dont declare a new sticker on ur petrol tank to if uve ever farted in a crowded car…they make the rules up as they go along i swear…

  2. call EVERYONE…sounds dumb but on one of my quoting sprees…i managed to get my premium down from 1600 about 540 quid on a hypothetical bandit 600…which is quite good considering 0 experience…live in south london with no garage and a record for farting in crowded cars :wink:

  3. i thinks it about 5 years…but that may vary company to company…

hope thats helps a bit…

I think your conviction will be spent after ten years from conviction - Check here

As for why convictions make a difference, insurers suffer a lot from insurance fraud - false details, staged accidents, false thefts etc. People with criminal records are statistically more likely to commit criminal acts.

People who have bans are statistically more likely to have accidents.

I know you don’t want to hear this, but in your situation you would almost certainly be better off building up a no claims bonus on smaller bikes that you can get insured on and getting an r1 in several years time.

thanks all speedy excellent answers, great links

thanks again

sorted me out a treat after a 6 month ban for totting

I just got an R1 insured with ebike with 1 year riding experience and 9 points :pinch: The company I had my R6 insured with wouldn’t even quote me!!

Just re-read the original post. If you’re buying a brand new R1 I would try Yamaha Insurance through the dealer, they might be able to cut a deal for you as you are buying a new R1, also try and see what the dealer suggests…it’s in his interests to get some insurance sorted for you, if he wants to sell yo a £9k bike